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Statistics PhD Alumni

2017 Statistics PhD Alumni

Nhat Ho
Advisors: Long Nguyen and Ya'acov Ritov
Dissertation: Parameter estimation and multilevel clustering with mixture and hierarchical models
Last Known Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California


Hossein Keshavarz
Advisor: Long Nguyen
Dissertation: Detection and Estimation in Gaussian Random Fields: Minimax Theory and Efficient Algorithms
Last Known Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Karen Nielsen
Advisor: Richard Gonzalez
Dissertation: Selecting and Evaluating Models to Reflect Underlying Scientific Principles: Using Basis Sets to Parameterize Hypotheses
Last Known Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Cheng Qian
Advisor: Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Some Advances on Modeling High-Dimensional Data with Complex Structures
Last Known Position:


Kazem Shirani
 Ambuj Tewari and George Michailidis
Dissertation: Non-asymptotic Adaptive Control of Linear-Quadratic Systems
Last Known Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida


Kam Chung Wong
Advisor: Ambuj Tewari
Dissertation: Lasso Guarantees for Dependent Data 
Last Known Position: 


Yun Jhong Wu
Advisors: Liza Levina and Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Link prediction and denoising in networks
Last Known Position: Jr. Quantitative Developer, Akuna Capital, Chicago, IL


Ziheng Yang
 George Michailidis and Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Integrative Analysis Methods for Biological Problems Using Data Reduction Approaches
Last Known Position: Credit Analyst, Ford Motor Credit, Ann Arbor, MI


2016 Statistics PhD Alumni

Sougata Chaudhuri
: Ambuj Tewari
Dissertation: Online Learning to Rank with Feedback on Top Ranked Items
Last Known Position: Data Scientist,, Palo Alto, CA


Joshua Errickson
 Ben Hansen
Dissertation: Two-stage Regression for Treatment Effect Estimation
Last Known Position: CSCAR, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Can Le
 Elizaveta Levina and Roman Vershynin 
Dissertation: Estimating Community Structure in Networks by Spectral Methods
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, UC Davis, Davis, CA


Huitian Lei
: Susan Murphy and Ambuj Tewari
Dissertation: An Online Actor Critic Algorithm and a Statistical Decision Procedure for Personalizing Intervention
Last Known Position: Quantitative Financial Analyst, Bank of America, New York City, New York


Naveen Narisetty
 Xuming He and Vijay Nair
Dissertation: Statistical Analysis of Complex Data: Bayesian Model Selection and Functional Data Depth
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, IL


Dao Nguyen
 Edward Ionides
Dissertation: Iterated Filtering and Smoothing with Application to Infectious Disease Models
Last Known Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA


Seyoung Park
 Xuming He and Shuheng Zhou
Dissertation: Selected Problems for High-Dimensional Data - Quantile and Errors-in-Variables Regressions
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea


Yingchuan Wang
: Xuming He
Dissertation: Logistic-Normal Mixtures with Heterogeneous Components and High Dimensional Covariates
Last Known Position: Data Strategist, BP, Houston, TX


Tianshuang Wu
 Susan Murphy
Dissertation: Set Valued Dynamic Treatment Regimes
Last Known Position: Senior Research Statistician, AbbVie, North Chicago, IL


Chia Chye Yee
 Yves Atchade
Dissertation: Topics in High-Dimensional Statistics and the Analysis of Large Hyperspectral Images
Last Known Position: Quantitative Finance Analyst, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC


Yiwei Zhang
 Ji Zhu
Regularization and Optimization Methods for High-Dimensional Data
Last Known Position:
Senior Scientist, Merck, Houston, TX


Yuan Zhang
 Liza Levina and Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Statistical network analysis: beyond block models
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio


2015 Statistics PhD Alumni

Pramita Bagchi
 Moulinath Banerjee and Stilian Stoev
Dissertation: Non-standard problems under short and long range dependence
Last Known Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Ruhr-University Bochum, Bochum, Germany


James Henderson
 George Michailidis and Kerby Shedden
Dissertation: Methods for Reconstructing Networks with Incomplete Information
Last Known Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Xi Lu
 Susan Murphy
Dissertation: Evaluation and Comparison of Dynamic Treatment Regimes: Methods andChallenges
Last Known Position: Quantitative Analyst, Google, Mountain View, CA


Jing Ma
 George Michailidis and Kerby Shedden
Dissertation: Estimation and Inference for High-Dimensional Gaussian Graphical Modelswith Structural Constraints
Last Known Position: Assistant Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA


Sandipan Roy
: George Michailidis and Yves Atchade
Dissertation: Statistical Inference and Computational Methods for Large High-DimensionalData with Network Structure
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, University of Bath, Bath, UK


Donggeng Xia
 George Michailidis and Moulinath Banerjee
Dissertation: Measuring influence and topic dependent interactions in social media networksbased on a counting process modeling framework
Last Known Position: Assistant Vice President, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC


Robert A Yuen
 Stilian A. Stoev 
Dissertation: Topics on estimation, prediction and bounding risk for multivariate extremes 
Last Known Position: Director of Advanced Analytics and Modeling, Liberty Mutual Surety, Seattle, WA


Xiang Zhou
 Yu Xie
Dissertation: Three essays on economic inequality and social mobility
Last Known Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ


2014 Statistics PhD Alumni

Sumanta Basu
: George Michailidis
Dissertation: Modeling and Estimation of High-dimensional Vector Autoregressions (VAR)
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, Cornell University, Ithica, NY


Thomas Brown
Tailen Hsing
Dissertation: Analyzing Spatial Processes Locally
Last Known Position: Senior Scientist, Exponent Data, Detroit, MI


Nirupam Chakrabarty
George Michailidis and Moulinath Banerjee
Dissertation: Semi-parametric Estimation of Target Location in Wireless Sensor Network
Last Known Position: Vice President of Credit Risk Modeling and Analytics, Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA


Ming-Chi Hsu
 Kerby Shedden
Dissertation: Contributions to Effect Size Analysis with Large Scale Data
Last Known Position: Unknown


Juan Shen
Xuming He
Dissertation: Model-based Inference for Subgroup Analysis
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, University of Fudan, Shanghai, China


Zhanyang Zhang
 Vijay Nair and Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Predictive Models and Calibration Analysis in Large-Scale Computational Studies
Last Known Position: Quantitative Lead, Vehicle Solutions, Uber, San Francisco, CA

2013 Statistics PhD Alumni

Jie Cheng
: Ji Zhu and Liza Levina
Dissertation: Mixed and Covariate Dependent Graphical Models
Last Known Position: Data Scientist, Snapchat, Inc., San Francisco, CA


Atul Mallik
Moulinath Banerjee and Michael Woodroofe
Dissertation: Topics on threshold Estimation, Multistage Methods and Random Fields
Last Known Position: Statistician, Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte, NC


Shawn Mankad
George Michailidis  
Dissertation: Statistical Techniques for the Exploratory Analysis of Structured Three-way and Dynamic Network Data
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor of Operations, Technology and Information Management, Cornell University, Ithica, NY


Ashin Mukherjee
Ji Zhu and Naisyin Wang    
Dissertation: Topics on Reduced Rank Methods for Multivariate Regression
Last Known Position: Data Scientist, Quantifind, Menlo Park, CA


Yeo Jung (Tess) Park
Kerby Shedden
Dissertation: New Methods for Discovering Hidden Dependence and for Assessing the Possible Influence of Unobserved Variables
Last Known Position: Statistician, Earnst & Young Global Limited, Washington D.C.


Adam Sales
 Ben Hansen   
Dissertation: New Perspectives on Regression Adjustment in Causal Inference, with Applications to Educational Program Evaluation
Last Known Position: Director of Statistics, Measurement, and Research design Techniques, and Lead Statistician, University of Texas, Austin, TX


Juan Zhang
Kerby Shedden  
Dissertation: Statistical Analysis for Genomic Studies Involving Measurement Error, Multiple Populations, and Limited Sample Size
Last Known Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Dalian, China


2012 Statistics PhD Alumni

Kohinoor Dasgupta
 Vijay Nair, Stilian Stoev and Xuanlong Nguyen
Dissertation: Inference for Neuronal Networks using Temporal and Graphical Models
Last Known Position: Senior Principle Biostatistician, Novartis, Hyderabad, India


Toshiya Hoshikawa
 Tailen Hsing and Kerby Shedden   
Dissertation: Contributions to Functional Data Analysis and High-Throughput Screening Assay Analysis
Last Known Position: Business Analyst, Google: Japan, Tokyo, Japan


Cen Guo
Tailen Hsing and Long Nguyen
Dissertation: Machine Learning Methods for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis
Last Known Position: Senior Data Scientist, Uber, San Francisco, CA


Yun Li
 Naisyin Wang and Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Statistical Parameter Estimation for Ordinary Differential Equations
Last Known Position: Senior Data Scientist, PubMatic, Inc., San Fransisco, CA


Fangyi Liu
 Kerby Shedden
Dissertation: Contribution to Statistical Image Analysis for High Content Screening
Last Known Position: Manager-Analytics, Discover, Houston, TX


Olga Marchenko
Robert Keener
Dissertation: Joint Models and Tests for Time to Tumor Recurrence and Disease Stage in Oncology Clinical Trials
Last Known Position: Vice President, Head of Advisory Analytics, Quintiles, Raleigh-Durham, NC


Joel Vaughan
 George Michailidis and Stilian Stoev
Dissertation: Problems in Spatio-Temporal Modelling, Kriging, and Prediction of Computer Network Traffic
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT


Yizao Wang
Advisor: Stilian Stoev
Dissertation: Topics on Max-stable Processes and the Central Limit Theorem
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH


Zhen (Adelle) Wang
Edward Ionides
Dissertation: Topics in Time Series Analysis with Macroeconomic Applications
Last Known Position: Senior Scientist (Oncology), Merck, Beijing, China


Sahar Zangeneh
Robert Keener and Roderick Little   
Dissertation: Model-Based Methods for Robust Finite Population Inference in the Presence of External Information
Last Known Position: Staff Scientist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA


Yunpeng Zhao
Liza Levina and Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Statistical Inference for some Problems in Network Analysis
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA


2011 Statistics PhD Alumni

Jian Guo
Liza Levina and Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Topics in High-Dimensional Unsupervised Learning
Last Known Position: Cheif Executive Officer, Tenxor Technology, San Jose, CA


Carrie Hosman
Ben Hansen
Dissertation: Methods to Control for Overt and Hidden Biases in Comparative Studies
Last Known Position: Visiting Lecturer, Moutn Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA


Eric Laber
Susan Murphy
Dissertation: Adaptive Confidence Intervals for Non-Smooth Functionals
Last Known Position: Associate Professor, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


Runlong Tang
Moulinath Banerjee and George Michailidis
Dissertation: Adaptive and Multistage Procedures for Inference on Monotone Regression Functions in Designed Studies and Observed Data Settings
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA


Jing Wang
Yves Atchade and Anocha Aribarg   
Dissertation: Approximate Sampling for Doubly-intractable Distributions and Modeling Choice Interdependence in a Social Network
Last Known Position: Tech Lead Manager and Staff Data Scientist, Google, San Francisco, CA


Yang Yang
Vijay Nair and Yves Atchade
Dissertation: Contributions to the Analysis of Multistate and Degradation Data
Last Known Position: Staff Data Scientist,  LinkedIn, Mountain View, CA


Hao Zhou
George Michailidis
Dissertation: Methods and Tools for Visual Analytics
Last Known Position: Analytics Manager, Accenture, Jersey City, NJ


2010 Statistics PhD Alumni

Anindya Bhadra
Edward Ionides
Dissertation: Time Series Analysis for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Applications to Modeling of Infectious Diseases
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


Jason Goldstick
Kerby Shedden
Dissertation: Contributions to Modeling the Dynamic Association Structure in Longitudinal Data Sets
Last Known Position: Research Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Health Systems, Ann Arbor, MI


Min Qian
Susan Murphy
Dissertation: Model Selection and l1 Penalization for Individualized Treatment Rules
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, Columbia University, New York, NY


Robert C Reiner, Jr
Vijay Nair and Anna Amirdjanova
Dissertation: Parameter Estimation in Several Classes of Non-Markovian Random Processes Defined by Stochastic Differential Equations
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Adam Rothman
Liza Levina and Ji Zhu
Dissertation: Sparse Estimation of High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices
Last Known Position: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


Ali Shojaie
George Michailidis
Dissertation: Estimation and Inference in High Dimensional Networks with Applications to Biological Systems
Last Known Position: Associate Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, WA