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Sociology of Health & Medicine

SHM Subplan or Minor


Students have the opportunity to pursue either a Sociology of Health & Medicine subplan within the major or a Sociology of Health & Medicine minor:

  • The SHM subplan is an optional part of the Sociology major.
  • The SHM minor is a stand-alone academic minor. 

Please Note: Students are not permitted to major in Sociology and minor in SHM. A student majoring in Sociology who is interested in SHM should pursue the SHM subplan.

What is SHM?

The Sociology of Health & Medicine program offers students a coherent curriculum that emphasizes the socio-demographic, cultural, political, and ethical contexts that underlie health behavior and health policy. The minor and subplan respond to a growing demand from pre-health undergraduates for a program in LSA that emphasizes the study of health and society. In addition, there is a growing recognition on the part of health educators that sociology should be a part of a well-rounded premedical curriculum. 

For students interested in the following career paths:

  • medicine
  • public policy
  • health advocacy
  • research on health & health inequality
  • social work

Classes in the SHM program cover topics such as:

  • health politics & policy
  • health inequality
  • population dynamics & problems
  • gender & health
  • aging, death and dying
  • bioethics
  • medical sociology