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Research Opportunities

The Sociology Undergraduate Research Opportunity program (SURO) allows students to learn more about a specific topic in the discipline as well as practice sociological research methods by assisting a faculty member or a graduate student with their ongoing research projects.

Students earn academic credit for SOC 394. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Working as an undergraduate research assistant provides useful skills and abilities, including:
  • creating annotated bibliographies,
  • abstracting (i.e. summarizing) journal articles,
  • knowing more about how sociology research is conducted,
  • searching library databases relevant to the research topic,
  • becoming familiar with data collection and analysis procedures.

I'm interested. What next?

Search the "Current Research Projects" page for an open project that is relevant to your interests and studies. Reach out to the primary contact listed to apply for a position.


In order to register for SURO (SOC 394), the SURO instructor must give permission for the department staff to issue you an override. You are responsible for making sure you are officially enrolled for SOC 394 before the semester’s drop/add deadline. 

Important Notes:

  • Prior to enrolling, check the repeatability of this course in the course guide to make sure staying within the maximum amount of credits allowed for this course. If you are a Sociology major or LJSC/SHM minor, please also check Academics & Requirements for the limit of experiential credit allowed for the major/minor/subplan.
  • Only projects notated as "LJSC approved" or "SHM approved" will count toward the respective minors/subplans. These approved projects will not automatically count toward the minor/subplan. Once you are enrolled in one of these approved projects for a minor or subplan, you need to contact the Sociology advisor at with your UM-ID number and project's information.

Once you're enrolled...

If you are selected to assist with a project, you will meet with the SURO instructor to discuss the research topic, goals for the project, expectations, and schedule for your contribution. You will be expected to keep a record of the time you spend on tasks and describe research activities in journal format.