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Barbara A. Anderson
Ronald A. Freedman Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Population Studies
4101 LSA Building 734.763.1221
Elizabeth E. Bruch
Associate Professor
4220 LSA Building 734.615.6969
Rebecca D. Christensen
Director of Engaged Learning & Lecturer
3112 LSA Building 734.647.6723
Dwight Lang
3213 LSA Building 734.763.0041
Jean-François Laniel
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
3107 LSA Building
David Leupold
Manoogian Postdoctoral Research Fellow & Lecturer
3109 LSA Building
Sandra R. Levitsky
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
4111 LSA Building 734.763.0066
Hui Liu
Visiting Scholar
3213 LSA Building
Margo Mahan
LSA Collegiate Postdoctoral Fellow & Lecturer
4207 LSA Building
Karin A. Martin
Professor & Department Chair

3126 LSA Building (Chair's Suite)
3164 LSA Building (Faculty Office)
P J McGann
3212 LSA Building 734.764.6321
Terence McGinn
3218 LSA Building 734.647.3661
Mark S. Mizruchi
Robert Cooley Angell Collegiate Professor of Sociology, Barger Family Professor of Organizational Studies, and Professor of Management and Organizations
4234 LSA Building 734.764.7444
Ian Robinson
Lecturer & Associate Research Scientist
3214 LSA Building 734.763.1270
David Schoem
Director of Michigan Community Scholars Program & Adjunct Associate Professor
3210 LSA Building 734.764.3528
Matthew Sullivan
Director of SOUL Program & Lecturer
3221 LSA Building 734.647.4231
Michael Ybarra
3147 LSA Building
Sarah Zelner
Postdoctoral Research Fellow & Lecturer
3107 LSA Building
Sociology Office: 4112 LSA.

Mail should be sent to:
Weiser Hall
500 Church St., Suite 500
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1042