Anouk earned credit toward her Sociology major and LJSC subplan while studying abroad through CGIS in Cape Town, South Africa. Sociology majors can transfer up to 15 (approved) credits from study abroad to count toward major requirements. LJSC minors have the opportunity to count one (approved) course toward minor requirements.

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Anouk is eager to share about her experience. Take a look!

My name is Anouk Versavel and I'm a senior studying Sociology, Women's Studies, and Community Action and Social Change (CASC). This past winter I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Cape Town in South Africa through CGIS. Not only was the experience unforgettable from the friends I made to the memories accumulated during travels through Southern Africa to the incredible food consumed over the course of 5 months (and much much more), but I also was able to earn credit for both of my majors. At the University of Cape Town, I took a course in the Sociology and Public Law department titled "Crime and Deviance in South African Cities." Prior to my departure I planned my credits with my adviser and acquired the syllabus for the course and easily got it approved to count towards the completion of my major through the department of Sociology at UofM. Not only did this course deal with the sociological construction of deviance which related to coursework that I had previously completed at UofM, but it delved deeper into questions of criminology in the South African context. This contextual approach made me much more aware of my surroundings in Cape Town as well as aware of the national socio-political climate in South Africa. I will take many of the lessons I learned in this course with me and apply both theoretical frameworks and practical examples to future coursework in Ann Arbor. I never thought that I would be able to double major and minor and study abroad and still graduateĀ in 4 years!