Let's get to know Becky...


Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Major/Minor: Double major in Sociology of Health and Medicine and Community and Global Public Health 


What inspired you to major in Sociology?

As I want to pursue a career working towards health equity, I chose Sociology to gain critical thinking skills to understand the social genesis of health inequities and how to mitigate them.


What classes have you most enjoyed?

I have loved all my sociology classes! My favorite sociology class so far was Sociology of Health, Medicine, and Society with Dr. Kelley.


Have you participated in undergraduate research, fieldwork, or an internship experience?

In addition to volunteering at the Delonis Center for SOC 225 Project Community, I was a Research Assistant for the Carceral State Project's work investigating the Detroit Police Department under federal oversight from 1994-2014. Currently, I am conducting research through SURO and the Department of Learning Health Sciences to identify how patients become involved in Learning Health Networks and how to make engagement more equitable.


How has Sociology helped you to understand the pandemics the U.S. is currently facing: COVID-19 and/or systemic racism?

Sociology has taught me how to think about the world in a unique way. I have learned to recognize racism not just as part of the system, but as the system itself. The critical thinking taught in sociology classes helps me understand the pervasive inequities in the COVID-19 pandemic response, the social genesis of both COVID and racism pandemics, and the perpetuation of systemic racism across every level of government.


What do you hope to do after graduating from the University of Michigan?

I plan to pursue an MPH and join the work to create more accessible, high-quality health care for all populations.


Do you have advice for prospective Soc majors in this moment?

The Sociology Department has incredible classes and faculty, and I highly recommend joining the cohort! I have loved pairing my sociology major with another academic program as that allows me to apply these skills to another discipline. I encourage prospective soc majors to add another major or minor if they're interested in doing so!