Let's get to know Madeline...


Hometown: Cheboygan, Michigan

Major/Minor: Sociology and Social Work major; Social Class and Inequality Studies minor


What inspired you to major in Sociology?

I think that Sociology is such a crucial field, and I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to learn more about the many injustices present in this country, particularly racial and economic, and the ways in which we can all be agents of change.


What classes have you most enjoyed?

I have taken a lot of Sociology classes that I have really enjoyed, but I loved taking the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Course and the Sociology of Education.


What do you hope to do after graduating from Michigan?

After I graduate in May, I'll be furthering my education at the School of Social Work here in Ann Arbor to get my MSW. I'm undecided on what type of job I want in Social Work, but I'm considering pursuing work in the prison system to work with incarcerated or formerly incarcerated individuals.


Have you participated in an internship or research experience?

In 2018 I interned at Thao Dan in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This organization is a supplemental school program for children of all ages that focuses on language and art, where I helped to teach students English. The same year I also went to Hope of Detroit for a semester where I volunteered at an after school program focused on college prep for high school students.


How has Sociology helped you to understand pandemics the U.S. is currently facing: COVID-19 and/or systemic racism?

A major component of Sociology is intersectionality, so I think it's important to recognize the intersection of race and COVID-19. BIPOC face the threat of coronavirus and the financial impacts of the pandemic at very high rates, which relates back to systematic racism and economic injustice.


Do you have advice for prospective Soc majors in this moment?

My biggest piece of advice is to be bold. Ask questions, pursue your interests, apply to programs even if you think you might not get accepted. Some of my best accomplishments and experiences have come from going after things that I thought would never be within my reach.