Four Sociology students have been awarded funding from the University of Michigan International Institute's Individual Fellowship Program, to travel abroad during the summer months to conduct research or participate in an internship.




These students are:

  • Alyssa Francini, undergraduate student (Sociology).  $3,750 to go to the Philippines for an internship in schools for the deaf.
  • Dana Kornberg, doctoral student (Sociology).  $3,500 to go to India for her research project "Defining the Sanitary City: Contests over Solid Waste in Delhi, India."
  • Guillermo Sanhueza, doctoral student (Social Work and Sociology) $3,500 to go to Chile for his research project "Factors Behind Prisoners’ Rehabilitation: Exploring the Case of Chile."
  • Maria Wathen, doctoral student (Social Work and Sociology) $4,500 to go to Russia for her research project "Social Capital Building through Civil Society Organizations: Russia."