The Conference on Latin American History Warren Dean Memorial Prize is awarded biannually for the most significant work on the history of Brazil published in English during the previous two years.  Paulina Alberto, Associate Professor of History and Portuguese, was awarded the prize for her book, Terms of Inclusion: Black Intellectuals in Twentieth-Century Brazil.

"My book, Terms of Inclusion, charts the changing terms through which black intellectuals in Brazil defined their multi-racial nation, and their own citizenship within it, between 1920 and 1980. The book draws upon on the understudied writings of black intellectuals themselves-specifically, Brazil's rich imprensa negra or black press. It explores the various ways that these intellectuals used metaphors of the racialized nation like "racial fraternity" and "racial democracy" (generally understood as oppressive dominant discourses) to argue for their inclusion in the nation, and for their rights to racial and cultural distinctiveness."