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Placement Exams


Language exams are for University of Michigan Ann Arbor students who are planning on furthering their language study (place-in) or wish to test out of a language requirement (place-out). No preparation is necessary for the placement exam– it is intended to be a tool to place you in the course most appropriate for your level.

Students with no prior knowledge of the language should not take the placement exam and should instead enroll in the first semester of the language. Non-UM Ann Arbor students who require a proficiency exam should contact 


Students are encouraged to take a placement exam as early as possible in their studies to determine the level of study or if the language requirement can be met. This is extremely important to avoid delays in graduation due to complications with placement.

Please Note:

  • Registration is required and is noted below with the test date information.
  • Exam Scheduling
    • Fall term is initially updated in early June, with details finalized by early August. Winter term is updated in late November. Placement exams are offered during summer orientation for incoming first-year and transfer students.

Placement Exam Results

  • Please contact the language director with questions about the language exam.
  • Exam results/placement are valid for one year.
  • Retakes are only permitted after the placement results expire.
    • *Under special circumstances, retakes within this one year time frame may be permitted. Please contact the language director.
  • It takes about seven business days for results to become available.
  • Students will not be notified of their score automatically. 
  • Students view placements via: Wolverine Access > Student Business > Academic Records > View Placement Exam Results.

LSA Language Requirement

  • For information about requesting a substitution or exception to the LSA Language requirement, please review the information on the Language Substitutions page of the LSA website. 
  • Students who fall within the following criteria have met LSA language requirement and should speak with their general advisor about updating their audit. 
    • At least one year of middle or high school in native languageContinuing instruction of native language throughout high school.
    • "O" Level exam result of passing in any language other than English.
    • "A" Level exam results of D or better in any language other than English.
    • SAT II exam results of 600 of better in any language other than English.
    • IB exam results in High levels (HL) of 4 or above in any language   

Exam Accommodations

  • Incoming or first-year students should contact the program director after you sign up for the exam to request accommodations.
  • Current students who have already registered with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) should email a copy of your VISA letter to the program director with your request for accommodations at least two business days in advance of taking the exam.  

Arabic Placement Exam

Fall 2022

Open to all students and conducted in person. 

Please note that only students who are participating in the Winter 2023 orientation will be able to take the online placement test. 

WN23 Orientation Online Arabic Placement Test

  • Online Arabic Placement Test | December 7  @ 11:00am - 1:30pm | Register Here 


In-Person Arabic Placement Test

Location: 4111 South Thayer Building | 202 South Thayer Street | Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1608

If you were unable to sign up for the test through the Sessions@Michigan, contact the director of the Arabic program, Dr. Said Hannouchi ( for assistance. 

You are encouraged to review the frequently asked questions about the test here. More important information about the test is listed below.

Exam Components:

The Arabic placement exam is approximately two and half hours in length and is composed of three parts:

  • The writing portion is completed on paper and is worth a total of 100 points.
  • The reading portion is completed online through the Canvas site and is worth a total of 48 points. 
  • Once finishied with the reading portion, each student will have a follow-up interview with a proctor.
    • The interview lasts approximately 15 minutes and is worth a total of 20 points. IMPORTANT: In cases where it becomes necessary to conduct the placement test online, it will include the same three parts as the in-person test.
    • The interview portion will be weighted most heavliy as it will be used to validate performance on the other portions. 
  • The final score will thus be based on the student's performance on the interview above all. Rating of performance on the writing or reading portions is secondary.
  • Students who receive 60% or above will be placed in ARABIC 401 and thus place out of the LSA language requirement.
  • You are encouraged to review the frequently asked questions about the test here.

Arabic Language Director: Dr. Said Hannouchi (

Important Information

  • The test assesses students' proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), NOT colloquiual Arabic.
  • If you speak an Arabic dialect, but you do not know how to read or write (or have little knowledge), feel free to register for ARABIC 101.
  • Students who know some Arabic because they came from an Arabic-speaking household or have studied Arabic before must take the Arabic proficiency test in order to determine their placement.
  • Students who have taken Arabic at other institutions and whish to continue their study at UM must take the placement test to determine their level. Credits for Arabic study undertaken at another institution prior to joining UM or in a summer program while attending UM transfer in as departmental credits and students must take the placement test to determine credit equivalencies to UM courses.
  • If you place in or beyond ARABIC 401, you will have satisfied the LSA Language Requirement.
  • ARABIC 101, 201, 401, and 501 are offered ONLY in the Fall semester, and ARABIC 102, 202, 502, and 504 are ONLY offered in the Winter semester.
  • The Summer Language Institute (June & July) offers intensive ARABIC 103 (the equivalent of both ARABIC 101 and 102), ARABIC 203 (the equivalent of both ARABIC 201 & 202), and ARABIC 401 & 402.
  • Information about the Arabic Language Program can be found here.

Armenian Placement Exam

Summer First-Year/Transfer Orientation

Armenian placement tests are given by appointment with Dr. Michael Pifer (, who will also communicate test results.


Armenian placement tests are given by appointment with Dr. Michael Pifer (, who will also communicate test results.

Hebrew Placement Exam

Modern Hebrew

Exam Components

  • The exam tests students in all four areas of language-- listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • No preparation is necessary for the placement exam.

Hebrew Language Director: Dr. Adi Raz (

Summer First-Year/Transfer Orientation:

Please email Dr. Adi Raz ( for a placement interview. Hebrew placement interviews are for University of Michigan students with previous experience in Hebrew who would like to determine which course level is appropriate for their skill (place-in).  

If you are interested in Hebrew and have no previous experience, please register for Hebrew 101.


The Hebrew language placement exam will be given by appointment beginning March 17. To request a placement exam appointment, please contact the Hebrew Language Coordinator, Adi Raz, at

Students must bring their MCard and a pencil with them to the test.

Important Information

  • Please note that students may be asked to take a 300-level Hebrew course if wishing to receive retro-active Hebrew credit for the placement exam. Students pursing a Middle East Studies major or minor where Hebrew is used to meet the language requirement must take one term of a 300-level Hebrew course regardless of placement.
  • Students wishing to place-out of the LSA Language Requirement should first take a placement exam. If the student is placed into HEBREW 301 or higher, the Language Requirement will be met.
  • The Hebrew placement test results expire after one year. Students who do not register in the Hebrew language course appropriate to their placement before their test results expire will be required to retake the placement test. 


Classical Hebrew

​Interested students should contact the Department by emailing to schedule a placement test. Following test completion, the student will be notified directly or by e-mail of their placement test results. For first year Classical Hebrew, a standard form of testing the basics of Classical Hebrew is employed. The test for second year includes translation passages of the Hebrew Bible and analysis of Classical Hebrew syntax and presupposes an intermediate proficiency in Classical Hebrew.

Persian Placement Exam

Exam components:

  • The placement tests includes four sections: 1) Listening, 2) Reading, 3) Speaking and 4) Written. The Listening and Speaking components of the test are usually conducted through a conversation with the student.
  • A placement result is valid for one year. You cannot retake the test within a 4 month period.

Perisan Language Director:  Dr. Behrad Aghaei (


Summer First-Year/Transfer Orientation

Persian placement tests are given by appointment with Dr. Behrad Aghaei (, who will also communicate test results.


Persian placement tests are given by appointment with Dr. Behrad Aghaei (, who will also communicate test results.

Turkish Placement Exam

Exam Components:

  • The Turkish placement exam is done virtually    

Turkish Language Director: Nilay Sevinc (

Summer First-Year/Transfer Orientation

Turkish placement tests are given by appointment with Nilay Sevinc (, who will also communicate test results.


Turkish placement tests are given by appointment with Nilay Sevinc (, who will also communicate test results.