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Recent PhD Alumni

Tenure-Track Faculty

  • Saeed Ali Al Alaslaa  - A Sociolinguistic Study of Code Choice Among Saudis on Twitter (M. Alhawary, 2018), Assistant Professor, King Abdulaziz University
  • Khaled Al Masri - Associate Professor, Swarthmore College
  • Ali Al Midhwah  - The Role of Diacritics in Word Recognition and their Impact on Arabic L2 Learner' Reading Speed, Accuracy, and Comprehension at Different Stages of Arabic L2 Acquisition (M. Alhawary, 2018), Assistant Professor, King Saud University
  • Valerie Anishchenkova - Associate Professor of Arabic Studies, University of Maryland
  • Kazuhiro Arai - Professor, Keio University
  • James Bos - Reconsidering the Date and Provenance of the Book of Hosea: The Case for Persian-Period Yehud (B. Schmidt, 2013), Associate Professor of Religion, University of Mississippi
  • Nicole Brisch - Tradition and the Poetics of Innovation: Sumerian Court Literature of the Larsa Dynasty (2003--1763 BCE) (P. Michalowski, 2003),  Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
  • Bradley Crowell - On the Margins of History: Social Change and Political Development in Iron Age Edom (B. Schmidt, 2004)
  • Laura Culbertson - Dispute Resolution in the Provincial Courts of the Third Dynasty of Ur. (P. Michalowski, 2009), Associate Professor, American Public University
  • Helen Dixon - Phoenician Mortuary Practice in the Iron Age I-III (ca. 1200- ca. 300 BCE) Levantine "Homeland" (J. Richards, 2013), Assistant Professor, East Carolina University
  • Marjorie Fisher - The Sons of Ramesses II (P. Michalowski, 1998) Adjunt Assistant Professor of Egyptology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Noah Gardnier - Esotericism in a Manuscript Culture: Ahmad al-Buni and His Readers through the Mamluk Period (A. Knysh, 2014), Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of South Carolina
  • N. İlgi Gerçek - The Kaska and the Northern Frontier of Hatti (G. Beckman, 2012),  Assistant Professor, Bilkent University Department of Archaeology
  • Jonathan Glasser - Genealogies of al-Andalus: Music and Patrimony in the Modern Maghreb (C. Bardenstein, 2008), Associate Professor of Anthropology, College of William & Mary
  • Eric Hanne - The Caliphate Revisited: The Abbasids of Eleventh and Twelth Century Baghdad (M. Bonner, 1998). Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University
  • Yasmeen Hanoosh - The Politics of Minority: Chaldeans Between Iraq and America (C. Bardenstein, 2008)
  • Robert Haug - The Gate of Iron: The Making of the Eastern Frontier (M. Bonner, 2010), Associate Professor of Islamic World History, University of Cincinnati
  • Tuğçe Kayaal - Wartime Bodies: Politics of Sexuality and War Orphans in the Late Ottoman Empire (1913-1923) (G. Hagen and M. Tanielian, 2021), Assistant Professor of History, Furman University
  • Mohammad Khalil - Muslim Scholarly Discussions on Salvation and the Fate of 'Others' (S. Jackson, 2007), Professor of Religious Studies, Michigan State University
  • Rami Kimchi - A Shtetl in Disguise: Israeli Bourekas Films and their Origins in Classical Yiddish Literature (S. Pinsker, 2008), Associate Professor, Ariel University; Filmmaker - 
  • Gina Konstantopoulos - They are Seven: Demons and Monsters in the Mesopotamian Textual and Artistic Tradition (P. Michalowski, 2015), Assistant Professor of Assyriology and Cuneiform Studies, University of California-Los Angeles
  • Anne Kreps - The Crucified Book, Textual Authority, and the Gospel of Truth (E. Muehlberger, 2013), Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
  • Cheng-Wei Lin - The Perception and Production of Arabic Lexical Stress by Learners of Arabic: A Usage-Based Account (M. Alhawary, 2018), Assistant Professor of Instruction and Academic Director for the Arabic Flagship Program, University of Texas at Austin
  • Nancy Linthicum - Writing in Cairo: Literary Networks and the Making of Egypt's Nineties Generation (C. Bardenstein, 2019), Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies and Arabic Program Director, University of South Carolina
  • Paul Love - Writing a Network, Constructing a Tradition: Ibadi Prosopography in Medieval Northern Africe (11th-16th c.) (M. Bonner, 2016), Assostant Professor of North Aftican, Middle Eastern, and Islamic History, Al-Akhawayn University
  • Daniel Miller - Incantations in Ancient West Semitic Corpora and in the Hebrew Bible: Continuity and Discontinuity (B. Schmidt, 2006), Associate Professor of Religion, Society, and Culture, Bishop's University
  • Sarah Mirza - Oral Tradition and the Scribal Conventions in the Documents Attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (M. Bonner, 2010), Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Middle Eastern and North African Studies; South Asian Studies;Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, The College of Wooster
  • Kari Neely - Diasporic Representations: A Study of Circassian and Armenian Identities in Greater Syria (K. Bardakjian, 2008) Associate Professor, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Erik Ohlander - Abu Hafs Umar Al-Suhrawardi (D. 632/1234) and the Institutionalization of Sufism (A. Knysh, 2004), Professor of History and Religious Studies, Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Isaac Oliver - Torah Praxis after 70 C.E.: Reading Matthew and Luke-Acts as Jewish Texts (G. Boccaccini, 2012), Associate Professor, Bradley University
  • Aiyub Palmer - The Social and Theoretical Dimensions of Sainthood in Early Islam: Al-Tirmidhiis Gnoseology and the Foundations of Sufi Social Praxis (A. Knysh, 2015), Professor of Arabic and Islam, University of Kentucky
  • Jason Radine - The Book of Amos and Emergent Judahite National Identity (B. Schmidt, 2007),  Professor and Department Chair, Department of Global Religions, Moravian University
  • Kristina Richardson - Blighted Bodies and Physical Difference in Cairo, Damascus, and Mecca, 1400-1550. (K. Babayan, 2008), Associate Professor of History and Middle Eastern Studies, City University of New York
  • Spencer Scoville - The Agency of the Translator: Khalil Baydas' Literary Translations (A. Shammas, 2012), Associate Professor, Brigham Young University
  • Andrea Seri - Local Power: Structure and Function of Community Institutions of Authority in the Old Babylonian Period (N. Yoffee), Professor of Ancient History, National University of Cordoba
  • Jason Tatlock - How in Ancient Times They Sacrificed People: Human Immolation in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin with Special Emphasis on Ancient Israel and Near East (B. Schmidt, 2016), Professor of History, Georgia Southern University
  • John P. Turner - Inquisition and the Definition of Identity in Early Abbasid History (M. Bonner, 2001), Associate Professor of History and Chair, Department of History, Colby College
  • Craig Tyson - Israel's Kin Across the Jordan: A Social History of the Ammonites in the Iron Age II (1000-500 BCE) (B. Schmidt, 2001), Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Chair, Department of Humanities, D'Youville College
  • Alison Vacca - From Kcusti Kapkoh to Al-Garbi: Sasanian Antecedents, the Sectarian Milieu, and the Creation of an Islamic Fronteir in Arminiya (K. Bardakjian, 2013), Associate Professor, University of Texas-Knoxville
  • Jason von Ehrenkrook - Sculpting Idolatry in Flavian Rome: (An)Iconic Rhetoric in the Writings of Flavius Josephus (G. Boccaccini, 2009), Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Massachusetts-Boston
  • James Waddell - The Messiah in the Parables of Enoch and the Letters of Paul: A Comparative Analysis (G. Boccaccini, 2010), Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Ecumenical Theological Seminary

Non-Tenured Instructional

  • Muhammad Aziz - Medieval Sufism in Yemen: The Case of Ahmad b, `Alwan (A. Knysh, 2004),  Senior Lector I, Yale University
  • Dzovinar Derderian - Nation-Making and the Language of Colonialism: Voices from Ottoman Can in Armenian Print Media and Handwritten Petitions (1820s to 1870s) (K. Babayan, 2019), Adjunct Lecturer, American University of Armenia
  • Sara Feldman - Fine Lines: Hebrew and Yiddish Translations of Alexander Pushkin's Verse Novel Eugene Onegin, 1899-1937 (S. Pinsker, 2014), Preceptor in Yiddish, Harvard University
  • Ozgen Felek - (Re)creating Image and Identity: Dreams and Visions as a Means of Murad III's Self-Fashioning (A. Knysh and G. Hagen, 2010), Lector of Ottoman Turkish; Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Yale University
  • Ali Hussain - Sainthood Between the Ineffable and Social Practice: Jesus Christ in the Writings of Muhyi al-Din Ibn al-`Arabi and Later Sufism (A. Knysh, 2019), Adjunt Lecturer, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Vadim Jigoulov - Towards a Social History of the Phoenician City-States in the Achaemenid Empire (B. Schmidt, 2006), Lecturer, Morgan State University
  • Ethan Menchinger - An Ottoman Historian in an Age of Reform: Ahmed Vasif Efendi (ca. 1730-1806) (G. Hagen, 2014), Lecturer in History of Islamic World, University of Manchester
  • Christopher Monroe - Scales of Fate: Trade, Tradition, and Transformation in the Eastern Mediterranean ca. 1350--1175 BCE (P. Michalowski, 2000), Senior Lecturer, Cornell University
  • Oren Segel - Imagining Independence Park (S. Pinsker, 2012), Lecturer I in Hebrew Language, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Jessica Whisenant - Writing, Literacy, and Textual Transmission: The Production of Literary Document in Iron Age Judah and the Composition of the Hebrew Bible (B. Schmidt, 2008), Faculty, Veritas Scholars Academy
  • Jason Zurawski Jewish Paideia in the Hellenistic Diaspora: Discussing Education, Shaping Identity (G. Boccaccini, 2016) Lecturer in Middle East Studies, University of Michigan Ann Arbor


  • Mohammad Abderrazzaq - The Revival and Evolution of Maqasid Thought: From al-Shatibi to Ibn Ashur and the Contemporary Maqasid Movement (S. Jackson, 2017), Postdoctoral Fellow and Editor, Harvard University
  • Scott Beld - The Queen of Lagash: Ritual Economy in a Sumerian State   (P. Michalowski, 2002), Research Lab Specialist, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Museum of Paleontology
  • Rodney Caruthers - Jewish Authors Writing in Greek: How and What They Learned During the Hellenistic and Early Roman Periods (G. Boccaccini, 2019), Fellow at the Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies
  • Deborah Forger - Divine Embodiment in Jewish Antiquity: Rediscovering the Jewishness of Joshn's Incarnate Christ (G. Boccaccini, 2017), Postdoctoral Scholar, Dartmouth College
  • Yaakov Herskovitz - Linguistic Limbo: Writing and Rewriting in Hebrew and Yiddish (S. Pinsker, 2019), Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University Jerusalem
  • Fareeha Khan - Traditionalist Approaches to Shari'ah Reform: Mawlana Ashraf 'Ali Thanawi's Fatwa on Women's Right to Divorce (S. Jackson, 2008), Independent Scholar, Willamette University
  • Michail Kitsos - Speaking as the Other: Late Ancient Jewish and Christian Multivocal Texts and the Creation of Religious Legitimacy (E. Muehlberger, 2020), Igor Kaplan Postdoctoral Fellow in Christian-Jewish Relations, Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Toronto
  • Maxim Romanov - Computational Reading of Arabic Biographical Collections with Special Reference to Preaching in the Sunni World (661-1300 CE) (A. Knysh, 2013), Research Fellow, Universitat Leipzig
  • Adrianne Spunaugle Empire and Ethnicity: A Social History of Deportation in Assyria and Karduniaš during the First Millennium BCE. (C. Crisostomo and G. Emberling, 2020), Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki - Ancient Near Eastern Empires Centre of Excellence

Private Sector/Administration

  • Lindsay Ambridge - History and Narrative in a Changing Society: James Henry Breasted and the Writing of Ancient Egyptian History in Early Twentieth Century America (J. Richards, 2010), Manager of Corporate Affairs, J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd.
  • Vika Gardner - The Written Representations of a Central Asian Sufi Shaykh: Ahmad Ibn Mawlana Jalal Al-Din Khwajagi Kasani "Makhdum-I A Zam" (D.1542) (A. Knysh, 2006), Customer Service Representative, Computer Task Group
  • Timothee Lavallee - The Targum Pseudo - Johnathan Genesis 31:19 and Skull and Corpse Necromancy (B. Schmidt, 2002), Sifu/Head Instructor, Woo's Martial Arts
  • Zohar Raviv - Fathoming the Heights, Ascending the Depths: Decoding the Dogma within the Enigma. The Life, Works, and Speculative Piety of Rabbi Moses Cordoeiro (Safed 1522-1570) (E. Ginsburg, 2007), International VP of Education, Taglit-Birthright Israel
  • Vahe Sahakyan - Between Host-Countries and Homeland: Institutions, Politics, and Identities in the Post-Genocide Armenian Diaspora (1920s to 1980s) (K. Bardakjian, 2015), Information Resources Specialist Senior, University of Michigan-Dearborn Armenian Research Center

Religous Leadership

  • Adam Chalom - "Modern Midrash" Jewish Identity and Literary Creativity (E. Ginsburg, 2005), Rabbi, Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation; Dean - North America at the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism
  • Susan McGarry - Divine Wrath: It's Rhetorical Use by the Contemporary Writers of Isaiah, Jermiah, and Ezekial for Social Control in the Aftermath of Jerusalem's Destruction (B. Schmidt, 2009), Rector, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
  • Wesley Muhammad. - Tajalli wa-Ru'ya: A Study of Anthropomorphic Theophany and Visio Dei in the Hebrew Bible, the Qur'an, and Early Sunni Islam (S. Jackson, 2008), Minister of Nation of Islam