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LSA International Travel Policy

The University of Michigan has set forth basic international travel requirements as part of the UM SPG 601.31. In November 2016, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts set forth additional provisions as part of the “LSA International Travel Policy.” All members of the LSA community must comply with this policy. Any person (whether UM-affiliated or not) who may receive funding from an LSA unit or participates on an LSA-organized experienced is also encompassed under this policy.

Students, faculty, and staff may not travel nor can funds be released from LSA departments until all requirements of the LSA Travel Policy have been met.

These provisions go beyond those elaborated in the UM International Travel Policy and are intended to facilitate communication with and locating our travelers in an emergency, such as a natural or political critical incident. The full text of the LSA Travel Policy can be found at the link below: 

LSA International Travel Policy  (last revised March 2018)


Who Falls Under the Policy?

LSA Students, Staff & Faculty must adhere to the additional requirements listed in the LSA International Travel Policy if their travel meets any of the criteria listed below in the definition of UMRT (University of Michigan Related Travel).

Non-LSA students, faculty and staff are also required to comply with the LSA International Travel Policy if their travel meets the criteria below AND their travel is affiliated with an LSA unit (i.e. receiving funding, leading LSA students abroad, etc).


UMRT Definition

(originally defined in UM SPG 601.31)

For Students:

  • Will receive UM ‘in-residence’ credit for the experience
  • Will travel on an experience or program that is UM organized or managed
  • Will receive any sort of financial support from an UM department for their time abroad
  • Will participate in an experience abroad that is necessary to achieve a degree requirement (i.e. dissertation research, internship, degree milestones)
  • Will be accompanied or led by a UM faculty or staff member while abroad

For Faculty/Staff

  • Traveling abroad within the context of their job responsibilities
  • Will use research funding for travel that is managed through an UM unit (i.e sponsored research projects, recruitment/retention funds, internal grants, discretionary accounts, etc.)
  • Attend an event abroad and the travel will be paid for by the institution extending the invitation


Additional Information

Travel compliance and international health & safety concerns for the College of LSA will be coordinated by the LSA International Travel team, who are stationed within the CGIS office (200 Weiser Hall).


**NOTE: For faculty/staff traveling on UM-business, coverage is provided by the GeoBlue insurance plan at no cost for up to 180 days. If you need coverage for longer than 180 days, please contact