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College Connections

The College Connections program started in 2008 with the simple idea that LSA alumni should have a more active and meaningful role in the life of the College. College Connections provides a space for alumni and families to share their student experiences with recent LSA graduates and provide feedback on the current and future state of the College.

The College Connections team is made up of recent LSA graduates who travel the country to conduct interviews with LSA alumni and parents to gain insight on what alumni found valuable in their student experience, and to understand how their LSA educations has been useful in professional life and influential in personal life.

College Connections also records feedback on LSA's current priorities in undergraduate education and what they believe is needed as part of the educational experience for students today. By engaging alumni in the current state of the College, we ensure that the alumni voice is present as we plan for the future.

College Connections is interested in recording a diversity of opinions and experiences. No matter your graduation year, major, student involvement, or profession—your feedback is invaluable.


                      "It is my goal to strengthen the connections between the College and our                          extraordinary alumni. I hope you will join me in this effort."

   - Dean Andrew D. Martin




Read this year's bicentennial themed 2017 annual report to learn how your memories, feedback, and the ways you live the liberal arts every day have impacted the College as well as exciting updates from campus!