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Corporate Social Responsibility

In this category, student pathways are concerned with how corporations maintain responsible business practices that benefit society in some way.  Students with these pathways also examine to what extent Corporations have a responsibility to outside society. The practices and ways that Corporations display their CSR initiatives are critical components to the study of CSR.  A growing and popular field, CSR within organizations is only going to continue to expand.

Career Opportunities

  • CSR Program Manager
  • CSR Marketing Management

Course Examples

  • OrgStudy 430: Corporate Social Responsibility: Emergence, Practices, and Critiques
  • Strategy 411: Corporation in Society
  • Environ/Cmplxsys/PubPol 250 Soc Sys, Energy, & Pub Pol

Elizabeth Jaffe

Class of 2018

Charlotte Cuddy

Class of 2017

Gabrielle Roth

Class of 2018

Rachel Gorosh

Class of 2017