They hail from places like New York, Michigan, and Washington, DC, and they plan to go on to medical school, the nonprofit world, and the military. We are proud to introduce this year's diverse cohort of Frankel Center graduates.

Undergraduates - Minors

Daniel Gordon

Major: Political Science

“Through my involvement in the Jewish community on campus in conjunction with my Judaic Studies courses, I have been able to expand my knowledge of Jewish history, become more proficient in Hebrew, and grow my understanding of the variety of Jewish practices and beliefs.”

Maya Levine

Major: International Studies

“Being a Judaic Studies minor at U-M has allowed me to broaden my understanding of my heritage and inspired me to be a Jewish leader of my generation.”

Tessa Shapiro

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

“Studying the incredibly rich history of Judaism, as a religion, culture and people has helped and inspired me to better understand the present.”

Marti Silver

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

“I was interested in the different classes that the university offered and wanted to learn more about our past.”

David Weinfeld

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

“I decided to study Judaic Studies to continue to learn about my religion, its history, and its place in modern society.”

Kayla Winer

Major: Psychology

“I enjoyed learning what I thought I’ve always known from a different perspective.”


Undergraduates - Majors

Polina Fradkin

Majors: Judaic Studies and International Studies

Minor: Russian

“My gap year in Israel cultivated my interest in Judaic Studies, and from it I have gained a deeper knowledge of Jewish history, culture, and philosophy from some of the most incredible professors of my college career.”

Daniel Pearlman

Majors: Judaic Studies and Political Science

Minor: Art History

“As a freshman, I never anticipated majoring in Judaic Studies, but as I took more classes, I realized that this is a field I am passionate about.”


Graduates - Master's

Kelly Onickel

“I converted to Judaism when I was 21, and at U-M, I have gained a much broader education in the literature, history, language, and theologies of Judaism.”


Sam Ujdak

"The interdisciplinary approach I found in Judaic studies continues to open doors to new methodologies, entire bodies of subject matter for study, and deeply fruitful professional relationships."

Graduate Certificates

Jason Zurawski

PhD: Near Eastern Studies

“Studying Judaic Studies at the Frankel Center while earning my PhD in Near Eastern Studies has reminded me of the larger implications of my work, revealed new ways of reading ancient Jewish literature, and opened up new possibilities for understanding the complicated and diverse world of the Second Temple period."


Frankely Speaking, April 2016