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2022 Awardees


Alpha Chi Sigma (ΑΧΣ) Outstanding Student Award
This award is presented to a student who has demonstrated an interest in chemistry, shown outstanding academic potential as judged by instructors, and has demonstrated leadership with fellow students.
Jonathan Li


Alumni First Year Achievement Awards
This award is presented to students in their first-year chemistry program who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their laboratory and lecture work. The award is based on the recommendations of instructors, graduate student instructors, and undergraduate advisors.
Katie Chang
Anna Comstock
Bridget McCann
Nate Meier
Rachel Scissors
Anna VanKampen
Alyssa Wu
Matthew Yacoub


Alumni Outstanding Awards
The Alumni Outstanding Awards recognize academic excellence and leadership potential of second year, third year, and senior majors from within the Department of Chemistry.
2nd Year Student:   Katherine Morrissey
3rd Year Student:   Alexey Kovalenko
Senior Year Student:   Felix Griffin

American Chemical Society Chemistry Awards
These awards are presented on behalf of the American Chemical Society to recognize outstanding undergraduates who are conducting research in the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.
Analytical Chemistry Award:  Hannah Bartels Joseph Keating Tainle Wang
Inorganic Chemistry Award:  Abigail Bracken Hannah Palomino Lucy Yu
Organic Chemistry Award:  Paige Carpenter Kara Greene  Yulia Rakova
Physical Chemistry Award:  Taewon Chung Grace Clinger


American Institute of Chemists Awards
The American Institute of Chemists Awards are given by the recommendation of the awards committee based on a student’s excellent record of ability, character, and academic achievement.
Biochemistry – Isabella Panse
Chemistry – Al Vincente Riano Lisboa


CRC Outstanding Achievement Award
Each year the Departments of Chemistry recognizes a student taking introductory chemistry who has demonstrated exceptional performance in laboratory and lecture work. The CRC Award is one of the top honors for an early-career student.
Andrew Meyer


Department of Chemistry Isabella Karle Memorial Award
This award is presented to a top graduating senior, and is named in honor ofDr. Isabella Karle, who earned her BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistryat the University of Michigan. Her contributions to science include her workon the Manhattan Project, where she developed techniques used for the extraction of plutonium chloride. She was also a pioneer in the field ofX-ray crystallography, and received numerous honors including being elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and receiving the National Medal of Science.
Julia Fu

Seyhan N. Ege—WISE Award
Seyhan N. Ege was one of the founders of the University of Michigan’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program. Each year, the Program recognizes outstanding achievement by an undergraduate student from a group that is traditionally underrepresented in the chemical sciences.
Katiya Barkho


First Year Chemistry Leadership Award
This award is given to three first year undergraduate students who are taking courses in the Department of Chemistry, and have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their laboratory and lecture courses. The award is based on the recommendations of instructors, graduate student instructors, and undergraduate advisors.
Lily Haghpassand
James Mackinder
George Nunu


Albert Hinsdale Memorial Endowment


Honors College Vanko Award
Named for the late Roger B. Vanko, this award is presented each year to an outstanding Honors student majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry who intends to pursue graduate work in the field of Chemistry/Biiochemistry.
Solomon Song Jr.
Jack Toor


Huron Valley Section Outstanding Student Leadership Award
Each year, the Huron Valley Section is pleased to recognize outstanding achievement in professional citizenship demonstrated by an undergraduate student.
Dale Hendershot
IIIIzabel Powers


Royal Society of Chemistry Award
The Royal Society of Chemistry provides the University of Michigan Chemistry Department with awards each year to be given to an outstanding graduating senior.
Zackariah Farah


Kathleen Haller Ryan Scholarship
The Kathleen Haller Ryan Scholarship is presented to a student who has shown outstanding achievement in the field of Chemistry or Biochemistry.
Daniel Liu
Katherine Mudge


William Smeaton Memorial Award


Margaret & Herman Sokol Award


Summer Undergraduate Research Program Awards
James E. Harris Scholarship -  Nicholas Wiesner
Albert Hinsdale Memorial Endowment  - Max Hrigora,   Emma Sollner,  Grace Clinger
William Smeaton Memorial Award  - Kara Greene
Margaret & Herman Sokol Award  - Yulia Rakova, Jasen Chen,  Garret Hanks,  Anaise Thomas,  Ellis Mason
May-Walt Summer Research Scholarship -  Dale Hendershot, Vyom Grover, Abigail Bojanowski, Shayna Brotzman, Suada Leskaj, Nicholas Finn ,Trey Henderson, Hannah Palomino, Alexey Kovalenko Hongdi Wu, Samantha Edgcombe, Navi Singh
Walter Yates Award  - Gwendolyn Shingles, Wei Wei Wan, Tianle Wang


Walter Yates Award
The Walter Yates Award is presented to a senior undergraduate chemistry orbiochemistry major to recognize excellence and scholarly achievement.
Drew Tarnopol