Each year, Student Life rolls out the blue carpet to recognize student leaders that are doing amazing things on campus, in Michigan, and around the world. These student leaders are nominated by their peers, faculty, and staff for the Michigan Difference Student Leadership Awards with the intention of honoring the work of those on campus who are under recognized. 

2022 highlighted a number of BLI advanced leadership fellows Ananya Mangla, who was honored with the Resilience Award. This award recognizes an individual and group who has shown the ability to reflect and make adjustments through challenges and employ strategies to recover from setbacks. Academic Manager Fatema Haque reflected on Anaya's impact in her nomination,

Ananya has become such a valuable member of our Leadership Teaching Fellow (LTF) team and the BLI community. Her enthusiasm, curiosity, and resilience are admirable, and she sets a fine example for her peers. Becky, another LTF, described Ananya as, "a person who has a rare ability to bounce back from a wide variety of obstacles, and she never lets them impede her goals and happiness. BLI Associate Director Mary said, “Ananya is a strong and resilient leader, but what makes her truly shine is her compassion for others and integrity in everything she does. She is kind and thoughtful, she truly sees others—including staff which can be rare for student leaders— and I am always happy to have her as an ambassador of the greater Barger Leadership Program.” I also rely greatly on Ananya, and my trust and admiration for her have grown exponentially. Ananya stands out because she has dedicated herself to learning and navigating life's obstacles and challenges with grace and dignity for all. 

Congratulations to Ananya and all those nominated for their work in public service, social justice, research, and academic accomplishments!