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Teaching & Grading

Class Rosters

Class rosters (including pictures) can be accessed online before the start of classes (Wolverine Access > Faculty Business > Faculty Center >  ). If you or your GSIs do not see the appropriate classes in your Faculty Center, please contact the Undergraduate Office. (Please remember to let the Bio. Office staff know when you have determined the section assignments for your GSIs in the beginning of a term. We will add these to the system.)

Printing & Copying

For print jobs of 100+ pages, please send orders to Print - Copy - Mail.  All requests will require a 5-digit "shortcode" to process.  Please contact the Program in Biology office or either of the department offices to obtain the correct billing code for your course.

For printing of less than 100 pages, please feel free to use one of the local printers (nearest your office).  Staff in the Program in Biology office or the department offices will be happy to assist.

Teaching Support (CRLT)

The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching has a wealth of information. They provide consultations, workshops, presentations, and publish many instructional articles on all things teaching-related. This is a highly recommended resource. 

Honor Code (Academic Integrity)

Information about LSA Standards of Academic Integrity can be found here.

Suspect a violation? Review the guidance on how to file with the Assistant Dean and examples of violations. Faculty are encouraged to bring their questions to the Program in Biology Committee or the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience Faculty Director.


Grades are entered online (via Wolverine Access > Faculty Business > Faculty Center >  ) by the assigned instructors (note that staff cannot enter grades).

Final grade submission for a term begins after the grade rosters have been generated. Grade rosters for full term classes are generated on the last day of classes for the term. Classes that meet less than the full term (first half, second half and mini) will have their grade rosters generated on the Friday of the week the class ends.

After grade rosters are generated for a class, instructors enter and submit student grades.  Grades are due 72 hours after the final exam is given or 72 hours from the due date of the work submitted by the student(s) if there is no final exam. Please see the Faculty Handbook for additional information on grading and deadlines.

Many questions can be answered by reviewing the Registrar's Office Web Grades information page or the Job Aid and Software Demonstrations for grades.

Three common questions:

Q:  I'm changing an Incomplete ("I") to an official grade, but my entry won't save!

A:  Once entered as an Incomplete, the grade must always have the "I" in front (i.e., if the work warrants an "A," the entry must be "IA").  This will impact the student's GPA as an "A" normally would, but maintains the "Incomplete" record.

Q:  I need to resolve an issue with a student, but I'm entering all grades now, should I enter an "NR"?

A:  NR (or "No Report") is entered only for students who stopped attending before the end of the term (whenever an Incomplete is not an option).  If the issue will be resolved in the next few days it is acceptable to wait to enter grades for the moment.

Q:  I need to change a student's grade, is there a form for this?

A:  Grade changes are made online. A grade change how-to guide can be found here.

Teaching Evaluations

Final teaching evaluations are set up by the departments for each
term.  (Faculty are also encouraged to set up midterm evaluations on their own, with the assistance of CRLT.)

Instructors may add their own questions to the standard set of questions in order to personalize their feedback.  Please contact the Bio. Program Manager with questions.

(GSIs will also have teaching evaluations made available for their students to provide feedback.  If you would like to view the GSI evaluations for your course or have any questions or issues with GSI performance, please contact the Biology Office.)

Exam Distribution

The CRLT recommends saving exams for one year after the end of the course.

The Undergraduate Office offers an exam distribution service. We will retain and distribute exams to students for one year after the course has ended (i.e., Winter course info. will be shredded in May of the next year).

We ask that the exams come to our office:

  1. alphabetized,
  2. labeled by section or GSI (if appropriate), 
  3. and with the date of disposal noted on the outside of the file or folder (end of term month + 1 year).

The Office doesn't contact students, but asks that faculty let them know where their exams are (1140 USB), when they will be destroyed (1 year), and what they need to pick them up (valid student ID).

Sample Email:

Dear Students,

If you are not able to pick up your final exam from your GSI by the arranged date, the exams will be kept on file with the Program in Biology Office in 1140 USB.  You may pick up your exam anytime during business hours with your valid student ID.  Be aware that the exams will be shredded at the end of this term next year.