On March 21, in front of an assembled crowd at Woodruff's Bar, Sweetland Faculty Raymond McDaniel and the "MFA Program in Creative Spelling" will be participating in 826michigan's Spelling Bee for Honest Cheaters, Dirty Rotten Spellers and Mustachioed Heroes.  

The more money raised, the more the MFA Program in Creative Spelling can rely on cheating to get ahead (instead of their actual spelling skills--which are pretty good, but they are no match for the tricksy Raymond McDaniel, the Spellmaster). 

Even better, funds raised support 826michigan's free writing and tutoring programs for local students in need.  

Here's how you can support us:
*Make a donation in any amount!
*Buy a ticket and come to Woodruff's March 21 at 7pm for the big event!
*Visit www.826michigan.org to learn more about their great work and why we're proud to be involved.

A message from participants: 
"No pressure, no worries, no donation too small -- if you're are receiving this announcement it's not because we assume you can contribute, but because we know you care about kids and writing. If you know of anyone else who might be interested in helping out, please pass this on. The more the merrier!
Thanks in advance!"
    --Eileen Pollack and Michael Byers,
    Team MFA Program in Creative Spelling