Diversity and Democracy
“The Thanksgiving Myth Gets a Deeper Look This Year” by Brett Anderson,  New York Times
As the country faces a reckoning over racial inequity, Native American activists raise concerns over the celebration of Thanksgiving and its cruel history.

Slavery and Its Aftermath
“How AI Can Help Combat Slavery and Free 40 Million Victims” by William Dixon, Forbes
New AI technologies are helping unravel supply chains, track criminal transactions, and locate victims in a global effort to fight illegal modern slavery.

Water, Equity and Security
“2020 Atlantic hurricane season breaks all-time record while leaving Gulf Coast battered” by Jason Samenow, Andrew Freedman, and Matthew Cappucci, Washington Post
An unprecedented number of hurricanes have devastated America this year. A new report examines the reasons why and tracks the catastrophic effects these hurricanes have had for coastal communities.

The Future of Work
“The pandemic is speeding up automation, and 85 million jobs are on the line” by Hanna Ziady, CNN Business
A recent report predicts that 85 million jobs are at risk for automation over the next five years as the ongoing pandemic accelerates the use of automation across industries.


Slavery and Its Aftermath
“The Social Dilemma” directed by Jeff Orlowski, Netflix (2020)
This thought-provoking documentary takes a closer look at how our reliance on social media might be irreversably shaping our society from disinformation campaigns to online discrimination and extremism.


Diversity and Democracy
“Hip-Hop, Mass Incarceration, And A Conspiracy Theory For The Ages” by Gene Demby, Code Switch (2020)
This podcast takes an in-depth look at the history of hip hop and mass incarceration and how these two aspects of American society, which emerged around the same time, continue to intersect in unexpected ways.

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