Diversity and Democracy

“Black Lives Matter Just Entered Its Next Phase” by Syreeta McFadden, The Atlantic

While nationwide protests are subsiding in intensity, the Black Lives Matter movement continues to persist off-camera. Activists are calling for new national legislation to address racial injustice and keep conversations on race in the mainstream discourse.


Slavery and Its Aftermath

“‘Make Farmers Black Again’: African Americans Fight Discrimination to Own Farmland” by Jillian Fortstadt, NPR

Black farmers face systemic hurdles in purchasing and operating farmland because of discriminatory policies and practices that prevent Black farmers from accessing loans and building generational wealth.


Water, Equity and Security

“Water wars: How conflicts over resources are set to rise amid climate change” by Anastasia Moloney, World Economic Forum

As rising temperatures and erratic rainfall spur water shortages across the globe, scientists predict that conflicts over water might escalate if proper infrastructure is not put in place to mitigate such resource shortages.

The Future of Work

“Working From Home Poses Hurdles for Employees of Color” by Nelson D. Schwartz, The New York Times

Employees of color often face barriers to accessing teleworking technologies and remaining heard inside virtual spaces, causing many to express concern that they will be left behind in an increasingly digital work environment.


Slavery and Its Aftermath

“The Torture Letters” by Laurence Ralph, The New York Times (2020)

In this unique black-and-white animation, author Laurence Ralph discusses police brutality in Chicago and shares personal accounts of growing up as a Black teenager in the city.


Diversity and Democracy

“Balls and Strikes” by Code Switch, NPR (2020)

In light of a recent NBA strike to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake, this episode of Code Switch takes a look back at historical moments in which strikes for racial justice have been effective in enacting change.

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