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    1. Research Preview: Dignity of Fragile Essential Work in a Pandemic
    2. Earl Lewis Awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Biden
    3. Earl Lewis Speaks on Reparations
    4. Young Speaks About Latest Book on Podcast
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      17. Earl Lewis Honored as AAPSS 2022 Fellow
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      19. Earl Lewis Featured in New York Times Following Panel: "The Past, the Present and the Work of Historians"
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      25. CSS Student Feature: Chelsea McGhee
    9. In the Face of Resistance: Advancing Equity in Higher Education
    10. Greening the Road Ahead: Navigating Challenges for Just Transitions to Electric Vehicles
    11. In the Wake of Affirmative Action
    12. Center for Social Solutions Co-Produces 'The Cost of Inheritance'
    13. Press Release: Earl Lewis, University of Michigan, Receives the Roy Rosenzweig Distinguished Service Award from the Organization of American Historians
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CSS Student Feature: Chelsea McGhee

Chelsea is the Fall 2023 Rackham Doctoral Intern working within the Crafting Democratic Futures project.

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