Diversity and Democracy
“Pandemic’s Racial Disparities Persist in Vaccine Rollout” by Amy Schoenfeld Walker, Anjali Singhvi, Josh Holder, Robert Gebeloff and Yuriria Avila, The New York Times
Communities of color are getting vaccinated at lower rates than the general population even as they continue to suffer disproportionate effects from the coronavirus pandemic.

Slavery and Its Aftermath
“Mock slave auctions, racist lessons: How US history class often traumatizes, dehumanizes Black students” by N’dea Yancey-Bragg, USA Today
Ongoing incidents of racist school lessons bring to light the frequent failings of the US education system to teach students about slavery and Black history more generally in a historically accurate and humane way.

Water, Equity and Security
“There’s no excuse for this: thousands in Mississippi city still without water after weeks of storms” by Oliver Laughland, The Guardian
More than three weeks after winter storms crippled the city’s water infrastructure, majority Black residents of Jackson, Mississippi continue to live without running water with no indication of when their water might return.


The Future of Work
“The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting” by Kevin Roose, The New York Times
Automated processes that do basic tasks like sort columns in a spreadsheet are often overlooked and taken for granted, but they are starting to have a large impact on white collar jobs as the capabilities of these types of softwares grow.



Slavery and its Aftermath
Black Art: In the Absence of Light directed by Sam Pollard, HBO (2020)
A new HBO documentary takes a look at the groundbreaking contributions Black artists have made to American culture and the impact they continue to have.



Diversity and Democracy
“Anti-Racist Science Education” by Emily Kwong, Madeline K. Sofia, and Rebecca Ramirez, Short Wave NPR
Science education has often advanced racist and eugenicist views and continues to obscure the accomplishments of people of color today, but educators are making a push to change the way science and science history is taught.