LSA senior Sabrina Roberts was tired of hearing about problems in the U.S. educational system—especially with regard to plummeting math and science scores. Believing that math can be both fun and empowering, Roberts joined the Young People’s Project (YPP), a national organization with a U-M branch.

Through YPP, Roberts plays math games and talks about social justice issues with high school and middle school students. Every year, YPP trains and employs 500 high school and college students to teach math to 5,000 students all over the country. It aims to turn kids from traditionally marginalized populations into "learners, teachers, leaders, and organizers through math and media literacy, community-building, and advocacy,” according to the organization’s website.

We caught up with Roberts and other campus YPP volunteers for a firsthand look at their critical work inside schools. Check out the video below and click here for more information on the organization.

Video Production: Rob Hess