LSA Magazine Spring 2016

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Spring 2016 LSA Magazine Features

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

An innovative LSA program gives graduates a chance to see the world, all expenses paid. Join LSA on a world tour of stories from around the globe.

Seeing the Unseen

While probing the unknown can be scary, it also offers explorers new insights and perspectives. LSA brings you four stories of visionaries studying the invisible and the impenetrable.

An Execution in the Family

The son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, alumnus Robert Meeropol has spent his life navigating a complicated legacy.

Skeleton Key

Two spelunkers, a Facebook ad, and a monumental discovery that an international team of researchers believe is a new species of human.

More Stories from the Magazine

42.22 N, 83.75 W

The New World Next Door
A gallery that asks challenging questions and puts the answers up on the wall.

Trust Your Gut
The thrills of “me”-search.

The Michigan Difference

When the Water Is Gone
Global warming brings just deserts.

The Humble Trundle
Small home, big ideas.

You've Got Male
“We usually think of gender as something on the body, like clothes.”

His American Life
Storytelling, Serial, and the future of journalism.

In Good Company
Walk your friend home without leaving your couch.

Spin the Cube

Taking the Long View
“Millions of vital records on health, demographics, economics, and family structure from the last 100 years.”

A Thousand Words
Busy streets and lost histories.

Life Without a Script
The tri-state news queen.

The Last Word

The “A” Word
A mother's fight for inclusion.