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In addition to the LRC's physical collections, we work with faculty to provide digital streaming on Canvas course sites. Film can complement the strengths of a textbook by bringing authentic exposure to language and culture to your students.

There are a multitude of streaming resources available to faculty, and the LRC is committed to assisting you in using full-length films and clips, with attention to the subtitle preference that best fits your course objectives.

Request films to stream here

Finding Films

The LRC is eager to assist in obtaining streaming rights for the films you wish to use for a course you are teaching. We will conduct the research for you to see if and where a film is available for streaming, or do a fair use evaluation for streaming under certain conditions.

Know which film you want?

In this time of pandemic-induced budget constraints, we would like to strongly encourage you to review films that are already licensed for use. The LRC and Askwith Media Library have purchased some individual films licensed in perpetuity, and the Library subscribes to a variety of video streaming platforms. So that you don't have to search each platform individually, we have created a master list of films on all the platforms...

Browse films by language

This is a master list of films on all video streaming platforms to which the Library subscribes. Once you've opened the list, please search (Control/Command +F) to find all the films for your language(s). We hope to provide more streamlined access to each language in the future, but for now a search is necessary.

Films Licensed in Perpetuity

In addition to films that are provided by the Library on a variety of streaming platforms, the LRC and Askwith Media Library also purchase streaming rights for individual films, generally for a period of time from 1 year to "in perpetuity." Here is a list of films with a Streaming License in Perpetuity, meaning that there's no recurring fee to renew the license. These films are therefore great picks for long-range course planning, as they can stay up on your Canvas site all term, for as many courses as desired.

Film Clips

There are multiple options for creating/finding film clips for use in your teaching:

  • The LRC can make clips for you. Please email us at
  • UC Berkeley Lumière: This is a database of clips that you can register to access here. LRC staff are also available to guide you through the process or to assist in identifying how many clips (used by faculty at other institutions) are already available for the language(s) you teach.

Subtitles and Closed Captions

Whether and how to use subtitles can vary depending on several factors:

  • instructional goals
  • students' language level
  • accessibility
  • length of media
  • degree of analysis

We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to provide the subtitles you prefer, but we will always attempt to provide your preference for: English subtitles; target-language subtitles/captions; or no subtitles.If you want subtitles, but there are none available for the film (or clip) you wish to use, we could help you incorporate a subtitling assignment into your course, or hold an LRC event to assist in reaching this goal. This requires some lead time and planning, but we would love to explore options with you

Troubleshooting / FAQ

If you or your students are having issues finding a film on your Canvas site, or if there are viewing issues, check this Streaming Troubleshooting Guide, or contact us at

Copyright and Fair Use

Copyright and Fair Use

The LRC works closely with the University Library Copyright Office to ensure our processes are in line with copyright law.

The situation for each film is unique:

  • some films can be licensed (and up on Canvas all term)
  • some can be streamed under fair use (for a more limited period of time)

We use the Fair Use Evaluator to assist in making determinations about fair use.

Additional information about copyright and video can be found on the Library's Copyright and Using Video research guide.