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Keith Dalton
Security Officer
Kelsey Museum 734.764.9304
Suzanne Davis
Associate Curator of Conservation
Kelsey Museum 734.647.0439
Geoff Emberling
Associate Research Scientist
4044 STB;
Kelsey Museum
Sebastián Encina
Collections Manager
Kelsey Museum 734.764.0412
Michelle Fontenot
Collections Manager
Kelsey Museum 734.647.0442
Elaine Gazda
Curator of Hellenistic and Roman Collections
Kelsey Museum 734.647.0438
Dawn Johnson
Associate Director/Chief Administrator
Kelsey Museum 734.764.9295
Patrick Lindberg
Lead Security Officer
Kelsey Museum 734.764.9304
Sandra Malveaux
Secretary Senior
Kelsey Museum 734.763.3559
Scott Meier
Museum Exhibition Coordinator
Kelsey Museum 734.647.0447
Sarah Mullersman
Coordinator of K-12 and Community Outreach
Kelsey Museum 734.647.4167
Catherine Person
Educational and Academic Outreach Coordinator
Kelsey Museum 734.647.0441
Emily Pierattini
Assistant Exhibition Designer
Kelsey Museum 734.764.4516
Richard Redding
Associate Research Scientist
Kelsey Museum
Janet Richards
Curator for Dynastic Egypt
Kelsey Museum 734.763.4301
Carrie Roberts
Kelsey Museum 734.615.6555
Lisa Rozek
Administrative Specialist
Kelsey Museum 734.936.1840
Eric Rybarczyk
Security Officer
Kelsey Museum
Matthew Spunar
Security Officer
Kelsey Museum
Lorene Sterner
Graphic Artist / Gifts Manager
Kelsey Museum 734.763.6517
David Stone
Associate Research Scientist/Research Specialist
Kelsey Museum 734.277.0957
T.G. Wilfong
Director / Curator of Graeco-Roman Egyptian Collections
Kelsey Museum 734.936.2593
John P. Williams
Security Supervisor
Kelsey Museum 734.764.0395
Alexander Zwinak
Graduate Program Coordinator
Kelsey Museum 734.764.6323