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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I apply to HSSP?

Before mid-March (students will not receive access to their online Housing application until at least mid-March)

Students must submit their UM Enrollment Deposit (EDR) in order to receive access to their online Housing application. If students have submitted their EDR when you meet them, the earliest they’ll receive access to their online Housing application website is mid-March. If students have not yet submitted their EDR when you meet them, there will be about a 3-week window between when they submit their EDR and when they receive access to their online Housing application.

After mid-March

The possibilities as above apply relating to payment of the EDR, especially the 3-week window before they’ll receive access to their online Housing application. In addition, you’ll meet a few students in late March and April who have already applied for Housing but did not apply to HSSP. Students in this situation should be directed to contact the Housing Information Office directly. They will be allowed to amend their application in order to apply to HSSP.

What school or college do HSSP students apply to?

While HSSP is affiliated with the college of LSA, we also have students in Nursing, Kinesiology, and other programs.

What is the difference between HSSP and the Residential College?

Understandably, one very common confusion among newly admitted students is the difference between “residential learning community” (like HSSP) and the “Residential College” (the RC). The Residential College is a separate program, and that since HSSP requires students to live in our residence hall, they cannot be in both RC and HSSP. However, students can be in HSSP and attend some RC-sponsored classes. Many students apply to the Residential College because they think it means that they want to live “on campus," which is not the case.

I'm interested in doing UROP/LSA Honors/CSP/UM Mentorship; can I participate in these activities while being in HSSP?

Absolutely! Each year, about one-third of first-year HSSPers also do UROP, and each year
HSSP has students who are also in LSA Honors, CSP, and UM’s mentorship program.

What does the HSSP "Substance-Free" designation mean?

All HSSP students agree to abide by UM’s “Substance-Free” regulations to ensure a safe, supportive, and healthy environment in which all students grow and flourish. Follow this link to learn more about the Substance-Free designation.

If I wanted to room with someone in particular, do we both have to apply to HSSP and get accepted?

HSSP does not honor roommate requests, and randomly assigns roommates regardless of roommate preference - we believe that this helps build a cohesive, tight-knit community! Further, it is possible for one roommate to be admitted to HSSP and the other declined. Should one roommate accept their place in HSSP, the other person will not be placed with that student. Also, if two students request each other as roommates, and both are both accepted to HSSP, they will still be randomly assigned.

Do students live in Couzens Hall for their first year or first two years?

HSSP is only a first-year program, so housing is also only guaranteed for the first year. The exception is if they apply and are selected for one of the HSSP second-year leadership positions. However, many of our students do stay in Couzens or other nearby dorms if they are able to secure a spot through the general housing lottery.

What majors do HSSP students usually have?

HSSP students come from a variety of different majors and programs across the University of Michigan. From music to math, physics to psychology, there is a place for you here! So whether you are sure of what you want to do, or if you need a little help exploring all of your options in the health care disciplines, HSSP could be the right place for you. 

What graduate programs do HSSP students usually attend?

HSSP alumni end up in many different graduate programs, as their undergraduate careers are equally as diverse. Some of our most common options are Pharmacy School, Dental School, Medical School, and Public Health. Beyond that, students also pursue PhD programs in a certain discipline or other health sciences fields.

What is the Application Timeline for MLCs like?

First, you need to pay your enrollment deposit. Exciting!

Eventually, you will recieve an email from Housing notifying you that your application is ready. Once that application is ready, begin that Housing application process. At some point during the housing application process, you will have the option to start the MLC application.

Check out this nifty page that explains everything!

Help! My question wasn't answered here.

Not to worry - Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!