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Recent News

Musica Mestiza nominated for Emmy

Katri Ervamaa, head of the RC Music Program, played a large part in bringing the musical group to the United States, and to East Quad

Writing doors open for international studies, German senior

When his college opportunity came knocking in 2011, Stuart Richardson admits that neither he nor his parents knew what to expect at the University of Michigan.

RC faculty in the world

Our faculty are not only dedicated to the students and the mission of the RC. but are also making waves in the academic world outside of the RC. 

One of our newer faculty members, Heather Ann Thompson,  of the RC Social Theory and Practice Program, shared with us her fall semester activities - in addition to teaching, of course. Read more...

We are also proud to announce that Laura Kasischke, of the Creative Writing and Literature program, has several poems pending publication in various journals: “Charm for the Return of the Bee,” “On the Nature of Things,” and “The Whole” in The Kenyon Review; in Southern Review “The Names of the Trees” and “A Recipe for This"; in The Iowa Review  “Imagine,” “Hourglass,” “Envelope”; and in The Bennington Review:  “One World at a Time”.  

Laura also published, in December 2015, “The Enormous Cage” in The New Republic, and in this year’s Best American Poetry:  “For the Young Woman I Saw Hit by a Car while Riding her Bike”.  

Laura Kasischke is also a RC alumna, and graduated with a RC Creative Writing major. Check back to this page from time to time; we'll attempt to keep you updated about the contributions our faculty are making to scholarship and the arts. 

New video about the RC!

Created especially for us by Theo Schear Productions. Watch this mini-film or see RC: Who we are for more details.

Guerilla Librarians - the Strange History of the Benz

Students moving into East Quad in the fall of 2005 made a disturbing discovery.

For many years, denizens of the quad had taken quiet pride in the Benzinger Library, a cozy retreat lined with shelves for good books, music, and movies.

Now, to their dismay, they discovered the Benzinger’s collection of hundreds of CDs and DVDs had been whisked away in their summer absence, and the “library” of old was now to be a “Community Learning Center” under the aegis of the U-M Housing Division.

In another dorm, this might have provoked little more than apathetic shrugs.

Not in East Quad, home to the Residential College, where the counter-culture ethos born in the 1960s retained a firm hold. 
Read more about it.

Be a Victor

We strive to support the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts on the front lines of learning and research; to steward our planet, our community, our campus. To do this, the Residential College needs you—because the world needs Victors.