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6. You spend some time with the governor and he invites you to join him for a meal and a show at the city theater. You go to the show. A day at the ludi (games) typically consists of an elaborate procession into the theater, a morning show of beast fights (venationes), a lunch program with mock fights and criminal punishments, and an after-lunch line-up of gladiatorial combats.



12. The excitement of the morning ludi has roused your appetites and with this midday intermission, you both agree to get lunch at the buffet before returning for the afternoon shows. It was a good plan, but fate has other ideas for your day: an animal handler (bestiarius) approaches you

13. With the morning events having commenced, the crowded theater slowly begins to thin out as people leave for lunch and leisure. You and the governor decide to relax in your seats during this brief break between games and talk about the important attributes of a really good pair of sandals. At the same time, an animal handler is leading a tiger (tigris) into the arena in preparation for the afternoon ludi. Today was not his lucky day as the tiger breaks free of its fetters and rampages into the seating area, towards you! You and the Governor scatter in different directions. In the commotion, you are able to escape the theater and run into a nearby templum for safety.