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13. You make it inside the templum safely. In your haste, you were not able to notice to which deity this sanctuary belongs and it is far too dark to determine the patron from the appearance of the marble statues that line the rear wall of the cella (the temple room which housed the honorary statues). As you recover from your previous ordeal, an enchanting but powerful voice bellows from deep within the cella calls you toward the back of the templum.



17. You approach the back (cella) of the temple and a voice calls out to you, it must be of a deity. The deity tells you to walk outside and tame the beast, with their divine aid (numen). You do so and the city thanks you with a considerable amount of wealth (opes). You decide to purchase a boat ride to Carthage (ad Carthaginem), a place you have always wanted to go to!

17. You approach the back of the temple and ask for help (auxilium) from the deity. A divine power sweeps you away and places you and all of your belongings in the city of Carthage. You are a bit dazed, but you are excited to explore Carthage!