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12. The bestarius who has just approached you asks, “Esne mercator?”
You tell him that you have some connections and he asks you to help him purchase 5 amphorae (large vessels) of olive oil (oleum). As you and the Bestiarius make your way to the docks, you both discuss the virtue and versatility of oleum. Not only is it a delicious staple in the Mediterranean diet, your companion reminds, olive oil is the best for burning in lamps and for holding perfume fragrances.



17. You approach a man unloading amphorae of olive oil from a boat. You ask him if any of his wares are for sale and he tells you that his stock has already been purchased in full, but he points both of you towards the city of Carthage: ite ad Carthaginem et invenietis multum oleum. You decide to accompany the animal handler on a boat ride to Carthage, but you wish to part ways when you arrive

17. The animal handler darts from your side and approaches a merchant ship currently in the process of unloading a shipment of oil. You glance around and you see your old friend Apuleius gearing up for another adventure and walking onto a fancy-looking boat. You approach him and he says: Salve! Eo ad Carthaginem. Visne mecum ire?  You decide to accompany him on his journey to Carthage where he will drop you off upon arrival.