Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha holds many impressive titles: pediatrician, professor, activist, author, national child welfare advocate, and tireless public health crusader foremost among them.

She is also a proud U-M Biological Station alumna (summer ‘97). As an undergraduate, she cut her teeth on scientific research by conducting a group project on freshwater snails. From there, Hanna-Attisha’s career in science - particularly, environmental health - led her to a masters in public health, a medical degree, an active practice in Flint, Michigan, and the shocking discovery of what is now known as the most emblematic public health disaster of our time: the Flint water crisis.

As the 2020 Pettingill Endowed Lecturer in Natural History, Hanna-Attisha discusses her time at “Bug Camp” and the events leading up to the unthinkable crisis that challenged her as a physician, scientist, and citizen.



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