Dress Code Policy Announced

by Joshua Simon

In reaction to a recent inside ITD article regarding dress codes, ITD management has developed the following dress standards.

Beginning April 1, all ITD staff will be required to purchase and wear an InfoTechieDress uniform. The Uniform will consist of a pair of slacks or a skirt (both cut to fit men or women), a dress shirt (long sleeve from 9/1–4/31, short sleeve 5/1–8/31), tie, blazer, socks, and shoes. Underwear will be worn at the discretion of each individual employee.

Uniforms will be kept clean at all times. All buttons must be securely sewn on. No tags should be removed from any piece of the uniform. The ITD Patch with fuchsia, pink, burgundy, and wine logo patch with motto "What counts is what we do after hours" must be securely stitched to the right sleeve, three inches from the shoulder. No other memorabilia may be worn on the uniform. Name badges will be replaced by CCID codes. Dot people will be designated by the appropriate graphic.

Each ITD unit will be issued a unique color combination to distinguish staff from different parts of the organization. A staff member who moves from one unit to another must purchase the appropriate new uniform by his or her first day in the new unit. No exceptions will be allowed. The colors assigned to the units are:

  • ITD Central — Dark Fuchsia
  • Consulting and Support Services — Pink
  • Instructional Technology Systems — Burgundy
  • Network Systems — Maroon
  • University Information Systems — Red
  • Resource Administration — Light Fuchsia
  • Research Systems — Wine
  • Food Services and Systems — Salmon

Staff members who report to work after April 1 in apparel other than The Uniform will be suspended for a period not to exceed three working days.

Staff members with questions or concerns regarding this new policy should not even consider asking their supervisor or manager.

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