• LSA Support Services — Chemistry at A541 Chemistry Building, 930 N. University Ave. 
  • LSA Support Services — East Hall at 1069 East Hall, 530 Church St.
  • LSA Support Services — Randall at 2428 Randall Lab, 450 Church St. 
  • LSA Support Services — LSA at 0202 LSA Building, 500 S. State St.

General Service Desk hours are M-F 8am-5pm, for most up to date hours please check our Support Hours Page.

  • Central Loan Office — Mason Hall G340, 419 S. State St.
  • Media Center — Modern Languages Building 2001, 812, E. Washington St.
  • LSA Navigation Desk — LSA Building First Floor, 500 S. State St.

For our Centers' open hours and our Equipment Catalog, please visit our Equipment Loan and Reservation Page

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