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SPECIAL HEP - ASTRO SEMINAR | Photoproduction of Lambda (1115) on a Deuteron Near the Threshold

Friday, June 5, 2015
4:00 AM
335 West Hall

The electromagnetic production of strange meson and baryons continues to be a growing topic in more recent years due in part to the continual increase of beam energies at accelerator facilities. It is well known that production of strangeness on nucleons provides details about hadronic structures including form factors. With the limited available data for the neutral channel our efforts were placed there. In this report we present results on cross sections for Lambda in the ?d ? LambdaX reaction measured at the Research Center for Electron Photon Science (ELPH) at tagged photon energies between 0.8 = E? = 1.1 GeV. The experiment was successfully performed using the upgraded Neutral Kaon Spectometer (NKS2+) where the produced Lambda was measured by exploiting the pp- decay channel. Momentum and angular distributions in the laboratory frame were measured, in addition to the integrated cross sections for forward Lambda scattering angles. From integrated measurements of Lambda, total cross sections of ?d ? K0?p were estimated. Results were compared to theoretical calculations, where the Saclay-Lyon A (SLA) [1] and Regge-Plus-Resonance (RPR-2007) models compared favorably to the data.

Brian Beckford (Postdoc Candidate)