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A Test for Superstring Theories and Other Predictions From Consistent Cosmologies<br><b>Speaker: Jasper Hasenkamp (Desy/Harvard University)</br></b>

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
12:00 AM
Oskar Klein Conference Room (3481 Randall)

Speaker: Jasper Hasenkamp (Desy/Harvard University)

We present a test for a large class of superstring compactifications (string models) probing low-energy supersymmetry breaking scales up to 10^{12} GeV. The test exploits the impact of a displaced modulus on the gravitational wave background from inflation. This impact can also be seen as an independent prediction of consistent cosmologies from late modulus decay. We point out that consistent cosmologies with thermal leptogenesis as origin of matter and particular solutions to the gravitino problem can lead to the same prediction or might even be observable in current observations of the cosmic microwave background.