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Omar Ahmed
Associate Professor
4040 East Hall phone: 734.764.3853
Rafiqa Ameziane
Teaching Professor
4138B Undergraduate Science Building 734.763.7136
Brandon Aragona
Associate Professor of Psychology
1267 East Hall 734.615.7160
Sara Aton
Associate Professor
830 N. University 734.615.1576
Jill B. Becker
Patricia Y. Gurin Collegiate Professor of Psychology
4048 East Hall 734.763.4363
Jacinta C. Beehner
Professor of Psychology and Anthropology Director of the University of Michigan Gelada Research Project; Director of the Capuchins at Taboga Project; Director of the Beehner Endocrine Laboratory; Director of the Evolution and Human Adaptations Program
4052 East Hall, 530 Church St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Adriene Beltz
Associate Professor of Psychology
2227 East Hall 734.647.6788
Thore Bergman
Biopsychology Area Chair Professor, Psychology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
4054 East Hall 734.615.3744
Kent Berridge
James Olds Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
4014 East Hall 734.763.4365
David Brang
Associate Professor of Psychology
3038 East Hall 734.764.3617
Laura Buttitta
Professor; Associate Chair for Research and Facilities
5218 BSB 734.764.2802
James Casey
Lecturer III
USB 4138F 734-647-2903
Jennifer Cummings
Lecturer IV
1233B East Hall
Ben Dantzer
Associate Professor of Psychology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
4038 East Hall 734.615.2352
Morgan DeSantis
Assistant Professor
4210 Biological Sciences Building
Wanlu Du
Associate Research Scientist
4132 BSB (734) 763-7597
Bo Duan
Assistant Professor
4260 BSB 734.647.4359
Cunming Duan
Professor, Director, Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience
3268 Biological Sciences Building 734.763.4710
Monica Dus
Associate Professor
4214 BSB 734-763-4511
Ada Eban-Rothschild
Assistant Professor
4067 East Hall 734.647.2659
Ashley Gearhardt
2268 East Hall 734.647.3920
Rich Gonzalez
Amos N. Tversky Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Statistics
3008 East Hall 734.647.6785
Jill Haenfler
Lecturer IV
4138H Undergraduate Science Building 734.764.9724
Richard Hume
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
4118 Biological Sciences Building 734.764.2071
Luke Hyde
Professor of Psychology, Clinical Science Area Chair
2229 East Hall 734.763.4132
John Jonides
Edward E. Smith Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Co-Director, functional MRI Center; Senior Editor, Psychological Science
3016 East Hall 734.764.0192
Sarah Kargbo-Hill
Assistant Professor
4168 Biological Sciences Building
Daniel Keating
Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Pediatrics; Developmental Area Chair; Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
2008 East Hall 734.764.7472
Shinobu Kitayama
Robert B. Zajonc Collegiate Professor of Psychology
3217 East Hall 734.647.6786
Ioulia Kovelman
Associate Professor of Psychology
2038 East Hall 734.647.3712
Paul Kramer
Assistant Professor
4160 Biological Sciences Building 734-763-3082
Ethan Kross
Professor of Psychology and Management/Organizations
3004 East Hall 734.763.5640
Taraz Lee
Assistant Professor of Psychology
3063 East Hall 734.647.3954
Tzumin Lee
Life Sciences Institute
Mary Sue Coleman Hall
210 Washtenaw Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2216
Richard Lewis
John R. Anderson Collegiate Professor of Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Cindy Lustig
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies Professor of Psychology; Director of the Honors and AMD Program and Leader of the STARS Program
Christopher Monk
Associate Chair of Faculty Development Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Thad Polk
Cognition and Cognitive Science Area Chair Samuel D. Epstein Collegiate Professor of Psychology Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Stephanie Preston
Professor of Psychology; UM Faculty Ombuds
Patricia Reuter-Lorenz
Michael I. Posner Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Terry Robinson
Elliot S. Valenstein Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Alexandra Rosati
Associate Professor of Psychology and Anthropology
4063 East Hall 734.647.2662
Gideon Rothschild
Assistant Professor
4075 East Hall 734.647.3114
Martin Sarter
Charles M. Butter Collegiate Professor of Psychology
Priti Shah
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Psychology
2004 East Hall 734.615.3745
Natalie Tronson
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies Associate Professor of Psychology
Daniel Weissman
Professor of Psychology, Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience
Kwoon Wong
Associate Professor
Kellogg Eye Center 1000 Wall St. 734.936.5068
Laura Zahodne
Associate Professor of Psychology
2251 East Hall 734.764.4098