We can't begin at the finish line, but we’d like to. 

It’s tempting to cut to the end of the marathon or read the last page of a mystery first. But the race has to be run. The game has to be played. And the people who embrace that middle phase—who throw themselves into new projects, who search and struggle to answer the difficult questions—they’re the ones who end up changing the world.

The stories from the Phasing issue of LSA Magazine remind us that good intentions alone won’t make our future better: It takes patience, curiosity, and determination. The work we do not only reshapes the world—it transforms us right along with it.

Explore the College of LSA's many phases with the Fall 2014 issue of LSA Magazine.

The Next Big Thing
Take a tour of tomorrow with LSA faculty and student prognosticators who aren’t just predicting the future. They’re building a better one.

The Dead Elephant in the Room
Intrepid Professor Dan Fisher deals with dead elephants and pickled pond meat as part of his quest to understand how prehistoric humans survived in the ancient world.

The Searchers
In November 1942, a Coast Guard rescue plane vanished in southeastern Greenland. An LSA alumnus takes us inside the mission to find the plane and bring the men aboard it home.

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An LSA alumnus was part of a group that spent its nights camping on Greenland glaciers and its days searching the ice for a trio of lost WWII flyers.