Tel Anafa II, iii. Decorative Wall Plaster, Objects of Personal Adornment and Glass Counters, Tools for Textile Manufacture and Miscellaneous Bone, Terracotta and Stone Figurines, Pre-Persian Pottery, Attic Pottery, and Medieval Pottery

Edited by Andrea M. Berlin and Sharon C. Herbert

Tel Anafa II, iii comprises the last installment of final reports on the objects excavated at the site between 1968 and 1986 by the University of Missouri and the University of Michigan. The volume presents studies of several categories of finds from the excavations: pottery of the Bronze and Iron Ages, imported Attic pottery, medieval pottery, jewelry of stone and glass, equipment related to textile manufacture, figurines, and, finally, the stucco wall decoration that inspired the name of the site's main structure: the Late Hellenistic Stuccoed Building (LHSB). The current volume joins Tel Anafa I, which presents an overview of the occupation history, chronology, and stratigraphy of the site along with the externally datable objects such as coins and stamped amphora handles; Tel Anafa II, i, which presents the local and imported pottery of the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman periods; and Tel Anafa II, ii, which contains studies of the glass vessels, lamps, metal objects, and ground stone and other stone tools and vessels.