Every year, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) holds Spring Fling, an opportunity to recognize LSA's non-instructional staff for their contributions throughout the past year. Catered food, beverages, and entertainment are provided at the event, and departments are encouraged to dress according to a theme for a chance to win a catered lunch.

This year's theme was "Out of This World," and "space-inspired attire" was the aim for participating departments. The Kelsey staff rose to the challenge, dressing as the Greek/Roman gods who represent the various celestial bodies known to the ancients. We worked hard on our costumes, creating headgear and attributes appropriate to each god. We even painted styrofoam balls to look like planets and moons, which we carried with us.

Kelsey staff members in their "space-inspired attire" for Spring Fling 2019: (left to right) Alex Zwinak (Mars), Carrie Roberts (Uranus), Lisa Rozek (Jupiter), Cathy Person (Pluto), Dawn Johnson (Neptune), Leslie Schramer (Nyx), Scott Meier (Charon), Sarah Mullersman (Mercury). Not pictured, Lorene Sterner (Saturn).

Throughout the morning's events, we wrestled our togas (not such an easy garment to wear, it turns out), and one brave soul even donned the Kelsey's famously heavy suit of armor to portray Mars, the Roman god of war.

We had a lot of fun, but the icing on the cake was being named the winning department. We look forward to next year's Spring Fling, though it'll be hard to top our costumes this year.