On November 28 and 29, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology's web administrator Julia Falkovitch-Khain presented a poster at the 2018 Michigan IT Symposium, held at the Michigan League. In her poster, entitled "The Making of a Museum Online Exhibition: Theory and Practice," Ms. Falkovitch-Khain discussed both theoretical questions (the purpose of online exhibitions, their target audience, and relationship to other types of websites) and more practical aspects (the choice of a platform, information architecture, interaction design, and creative use of existing text, graphic, and multimedia assets) one must consider when making an online exhibition.

Ms. Falkovitch-Khain has built more than ten online exhibitions for the Kelsey Museum, a collaborative process that involves curators, designers, collection managers, editors, and other museum staff members. These serve to promote the physical exhibition, extend its lifespan, and provide a valuable resource for research, teaching, and learning. You can see all our virtual exhibitions by visiting the Online Exhibitions portion of the Kelsey website.

Congratulations on a wonderful poster, Julia, and thank you for all you do for the Kelsey!