Construction at the Kelsey will improve drainage for Newberry Hall (pictured here).

In late June 2023, construction began at the Kelsey Museum to improve drainage for Newberry Hall, a building constructed in the 1890s. The drainage-improvement project will regrade the soil to slope away from the building, replace downspouts and collection basins, move the south sidewalk closer to the LSA Building, and add a curb to the sidewalk on the Kelsey’s north side, which will direct water to a collection basin to the west of the museum. 

Both of the museum entrances—the public entrance on Maynard Street and the staff entrance on State Street—will remain open, though visitors can expect some decreased walkability around the museum’s exterior as sidewalks are temporarily closed to complete the project. Throughout the summer, the contractors working on the project will post signage to flag major hindrances affecting building access and recommend alternate routes. 

The Kelsey will update visitors via its website and social media as construction progresses (see our “Planning Your Visit” page for the latest information). The contractors hope to complete construction by the start of the fall semester in late August. We thank you for your patience as we make these vital changes to ensure the longevity of our facilities.