The Kelsey Museum is pleased to announce that its Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Sustainability (DEIAS) is now available for viewing here on our website. 

The Kelsey prioritizes DEIAS in carrying out our mission to advance understanding and appreciation of the ancient Mediterranean world. Developed collaboratively with the help of staff, faculty, and students, the DEIAS Statement acknowledges the racist and colonial histories that have shaped institutions like the Kelsey Museum, the discipline of archaeology, and higher education in the United States. The DEIAS Statement also consists of a series of concrete commitments and initiatives that will shape the future work of the Kelsey Museum with a goal of enacting lasting institutional change. Such commitments involve improving access to the collections, reaching out to broader audiences, cultivating an inclusive workplace and scholarly forum, and including and amplifying underrepresented voices and experiences in our exploration of the ancient world.  

The hope is that these transformative efforts will allow the Kelsey to be an “outward-looking, welcoming, and accessible institution that elevates the voices and experiences of all community members, including those from marginalized groups.” 

The Kelsey’s DEIAS Statement has received endorsement from the LSA DEI Office. Since the museum’s DEIAS work is ongoing, the statement is intended to be a living, adaptable document that will be updated to reflect new goals, priorities, and accomplishments.