Welcome to the LSA Honors Program FAQ Page! This page will be updated regularly throughout the summer and Fall 2020 Semester to reflect the ongoing changes to life and study at the University of Michigan. Please note the search bar on our website allows users to search for additional information within Honors only. Refer to departmental or office websites for specific information.

(Updated 8/28/2020)

Upcoming 2020-2021 School Year

Where can I find the most up to date information related to the upcoming academic year?

The Campus Maize and BluePrint website is updated regularly to reflect the University’s plans for a public-health informed Fall term. Information about returning to campus, class formats, campus life, and health and wellness can be found. 

Additional information can be found in the most recent "Before You Come to Campus - Fall Planning Update" announcement from the Office of Student Life.


If I have quick questions, what is the best way to ask them?

LSA Honors is offering Virtual Front Desk times throughout the Fall term. Hours and additional information can be found on MyAdvising


How will my class be taught?

The LSA Course Guide now reflects if classes will be online, in-person, and hybrid class options.  


I am living in the dorms, when can I find up to date information?

The Michigan Housing FAQ page includes updated information related to community responsibilities. Questions related to Honors Housing contracts and roommate assignments should be sent to housing@umich.edu.


If I choose to be remote this Fall, is it possible to live on-campus for the Winter term?

Yes! Please visit the Michigan Housing FAQ page to learn more about what you need to do!


I am an incoming international student, when will I learn more?

The International Center is working to keep up to date information available on their website. Please take a moment to review the most recent articles on the front page of the International Center website, in addition to the International Center Updates Regarding COVID-19 webpage


Are there going to be engagement activities in the Fall term?

The Honors Program will be offering remote engagement activities throughout the Fall term to provide opportunities to interact with the Honors cohort and engage in learning opportunities. Keep an eye on our events calendar and This Week in Honors to learn more about upcoming events. 


If I am not living in Honors Housing, can I still participate in Honors engagement activities?

Yes! All Honors activities planned by the Honors RA team in South Quad are 100% virtual for the foreseeable future, allowing any Honors student, regardless of location, to participate safely.


Where can I find information about events?

Events information can be found on the Honors Event Calendar and in our This Week in Honors newsletter.


What are the important deadlines for the upcoming term?

Please see the Office of the Registrar’s Academic Calendar and Registration Deadlines


2020 Parent Orientation slides are available below.

2020 Parent Orientation Presentation

About the Honors Program

What is Honors?

The Honors Program is a Michigan Learning Community for students who wish to be a part of a more rigorous and engaged undergraduate experience in the liberal arts. 


What are the benefits of Honors?

There are many benefits to participating in the Honors Program. Students in Honors are able to take Core classes with a familiar cohort and have the opportunity to interact with students from across disciplines in LSA. Through courses, engagement activities, and living in Honors Housing students are able to build a community with peers with similar interests and university experiences. In addition, students receive a personalized advising experience with our Honors Advising team.  


Do I have to write a thesis to graduate with Honors?

To graduate with honors, a student needs to complete a thesis or HELA/HIMP project. Many recent graduates say that completing their thesis was the highlight of their collegiate experience! 


How large are classes?

Honors Core Course lecture sections range in size from 40-150 students while discussion sections are designed to be smaller, with no more than 18 students in each section. In addition to Core Courses, Honors sections can be found across many divisions of LSA. 

Additional course information for the upcoming academic term can be found here.


Do Honors students have early registration?

Honors students do not have early registration. They do, however, have access to Honors class-sections in many academic fields in LSA. 


How large is the incoming Honors class?

The incoming class size typically ranges between 350-450 students. 


Does the Honors Program offer financial aid to incoming freshmen?

There is no financial aid offered through the Honors Program for incoming first-year students. However, opportunities to earn scholarships, fellowships, or grants are available to students later on. You can learn more about Honors awards and grants on our website. 

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid or the LSA Scholarship Office to learn about additional funding resources and support.



How can I join Honors?

There are several ways to join the Honors Program. More information on how to join Honors can be found on our Prospective student website. Please email honors.admissions@umich.edu with specific questions. 


Do I need an invitation?

No. All LSA students are welcome and encouraged to apply to the Honors Program. Please take a look at our Prospective Student Website to learn more about the Honors Program. 


Is there an application fee?

No. There is no additional application fee when applying to the Honors Program.


Can I participate in both Ross and the Honors Program?

Yes. Students who are interested in joining Ross after their first year can participate in Honors during their first year, but would then exit Honors when they leave LSA. If, however, a student is interested in pursuing degrees in both Ross and LSA, they are able to rejoin LSA and Honors mid-way through your sophomore year. This dual degree option is rigorous, requiring 150 credit hours and generally five years.


Can I be in the Residential College and the Honors Program?

Yes. We have a number of students who are joint with other Michigan Learning Communities, including the Residential College (RC). Being in both the RC and Honors, you will be living in RC housing, rather than Honors housing. Students are welcome to engage in all Honors community events. Students in the RC will have two academic advisors. One primary RC advisor and one Honors advisor. To learn more about specific academic requirements, students are encouraged to meet with both advisors.


Is it possible to continue with Honors while completing classes in another UM College?

Yes, it is possible for students, in their first 2 years, to pursue a dual degree with another college on UMs campus. How you enroll in another college will vary depending on which college you are interested in joining and when. For example, some students start in Ross and are able to join Honors after their first year. Students enrolled in the College of Art and Design and the School of Music and Dance start in both colleges at the beginning of their freshman year. Ross students admitted as freshmen can join Honors at the end of their freshman year. LSA students interested in Engineering are typically able to join Engineering at the end of their first year. Last, there are junior year admit programs, such as the School of Information and the Ford School of Public Policy. To learn more, please reach out to honors.admissions@umich.edu


Student Orientation

When will I know when I’m meeting with my advisor during Orientation?

Students will receive an email to their UM email account two days prior to your orientation date. The email will include the exact time of your meeting and a Zoom link. In general, orientation activities occur between 8:30a and 12:00p EDT


Canvas will not let me move forward, what should I do?

The “Honors Big Ideas” section is graded by the Honors Program Director, Mika LaVaque Manty. As a result, there may be a delay before you are able to move on.

If you do not pass a quiz, please email ask.honors@umich.edu to be given an additional attempt. 


Parent Orientation Sessions

2020 Parent Orientation Presentation


Is there a platform to meet my classmates before the term begins?

Parents and students are encouraged to engage in our digital communities on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Students generally connect on Facebook prior to the start of the semester; the student group for the Class of 2024 on Facebook is “LSA Honors Class of 2024 (Official)”.



How do I make an appointment?

To sign up for an advising appointment, please visit Honors ‘Make An Appointment’ webpage. At this time, all advising sessions are remote. 


Do I have to meet with my assigned advisor?

While all Honors students are assigned an advisor and meet with that advisor during New Student Orientation, after Orientation, students are welcome to schedule an appointment with any academic advisor that has availability.


Can I transfer credit from another Institution?

The Transfer Credit Equivalency (TCE) website houses previously reviewed and approved courses from other institutions. Transfer Credit Evaluations are not conducted by the Honors Program advisors. Students are encouraged to reach out to an Honors advisor prior to registering for courses that are not already approved. 


Information about AP and I.B creditcan be found on the Undergraduate Admissions webpage.


Please visit the Housing website FAQ for the most up to date information about the upcoming academic year. 


Am I required to live in Honors Housing?

Students in Honors are not required to live in Honors Housing. Please note all Residence Halls are operated through Michigan Housing. "Honors Housing" refers to the designated block of rooms in South Quad.


Is South Quad housing guaranteed?

Living in South Quad is never guaranteed for Honors students, that being said, it is highly likely that students interested in Honors Housing, who plan on living with another Honors student, who have turned in their application on time, and who are not in another MLC, will be housed in South Quad. More information can be found on our Prospective Student Website and on the Michigan Housing website.


Can I have a roommate who is not part of the Honors Program and still live in Honors Housing?

Students who select a roommate who is not in Honors will not be placed in Honors Housing. 


As an incoming freshman, when will I find out who I am living with?

During the beginning of August, Michigan Housing will be reaching out to students via their UM email account. For the most up to date information, please visit the Michigan Housing website.


What precautions do I need to take before moving in?

Michigan Housing will be reaching out to students with detailed information in early August. To learn more about move-in, please take a look at the Housing FAQ page


When is Honors move-in?

Due to the need to stagger move-in appointments to accommodate social distancing requirements, there is no designated move-in date for Honors students. Honors students can select from any of the move-in times slots available.