The Department of History held its thirty-second annual Honors Symposium on April 29, 2016, celebrating the twenty-four graduating seniors who completed a thesis on an original research topic. Students delivered brief presentations of their findings, and Professor John Carson presented the folllowing awards on behalf of the History Department: 

  • Arthur Fondiler Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis: Michael Rieger (first), Kara Mullison (second)
  • John A. Williams History Award: Alec Ramsey-Smith
  • Stephen J. Tonsor History of Ideas Undergraduate Honors Award: Jamie Bircoll
  • Stephen J. Tonsor Best Oral Presentation of Thesis Award: Taylor Mitchell
  • Elizabeth Sargent Lee Medical History Prize: Sarah Ming Bedoyan
  • James A. Knight Scholarships in History: Mollie L. Berkowitz, Gang Hao Poh, Thomas Stephenson, Jacquelyn Timoszyk

In addition, Professor Carson recognized the History Honors students who were recently awarded LSA Honors Program writing prizes:

  • Robert Hayden Humanities Award (a Goldstein Prize): Gang Hao Poh
  • Terrence J. McDonald Prize for Archival Research: Charles Sorge
  • Virginia Voss Awards: Mollie Berkowitz, Kara Mullison

View a list of this year's thesis topics or link to the 2016 Honors Symposium Program (PDF).