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Recent Honors Theses

Below you may access Honors Symposium programs and view a list of theses from recent years. The department has a collection of recent honors theses available for review and check-out (inquire with staff in the History office, 1029 Tisch Hall). 

2022 Honors Theses

Krista Albertins
The Songs of Our Ancestors and the Music of Our Oppressors: How Choral Festivals Fostered National Identity in Nineteenth Century Latvia
(Advisor: Kira Thurman)

Lily Antor
Quelling Leftist “Hillbillies”: How the Chicago Police Department’s Red Squad Surveilled and Repressed the Young Patriots Organization, 1969-1972
(Advisor: Nora Krinitsky, Residential College)

Anthony DeBello
One Ethnicity, Under Columbus, Divided: Christopher Columbus’s Evolving Role in the Formation of Italian-American Identity and the Celebration of Italian-American Heritage
(Advisors: Deborah Dash Moore, Giulia Ricco (Romance Languages))

Noah Fisher
The Dearborn Independent, Henry Ford, and the Lasting Legacy of Antisemitism in Detroit
(Advisor: Heather Thompson)

Sean Gillikin
Picturing Asante: The Missionary Friedrich Ramseyer’s Depiction of the Gold Coast through Memoir and Photograph
(Advisor: Derek Peterson)

Bridget Grabowski
The (In)Effectiveness of the ICTY: How the UN Tribunal Failed to Obtain Justice for Women Victims of Wartime Sexual Violence in Post-War Bosnia
(Advisor: Pamela Ballinger)

Sheila Lawrence
Pioneers of Activism: Harriet Jacobs, Maria Stewart, and Jarena Lee Outside of the Limitations of 19th Century Historical Categories
(Advisor: Sandra Gunning, Afroamerican and African Studies)

Hannah-Ruth Long
Women of the Early Republic: A Study of Reproductive Choice
(Advisor: Mary C. Kelley)

Hannah Mackay
Facebook’s next billion users: The 21st century legacy of colonialism in Africa
(Advisor: Raevin Jimenez)

Samuel Mathisson
"A land Without a People for a People Without a Land": Jewish Territorialism’s Influence on the Creation of the Balfour Declaration, 1882-1917.
(Advisor: Jeffrey Veidlinger)

Andrew May
Rebellion, Retaliation, And Repatriation: Property Confiscation in Revolutionary South Carolina
(Advisor: Matthew Spooner)

Zev Miklethun
Radical Causes: The Student Left, the Counterculture, and New Urban Politics in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1967-1974
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Annelise Perry
An Investment in Loyalty: The South African Native National Congress in the First World War
(Advisor: Derek Peterson)

Paris Shusterfallou
“Legitimate Political Discourse”: The Boogaloo Movement, the Proud Boys, the January 6th Attack, and the Radicalization of the Post-2016 American Right
(Advisor: Stephen Berrey)

Lindsey Smith
Ancestry For Sale: Native Identity on Forums
(Advisor: Arland Thornton, Sociology)

Abigail Snyder
The Bomb and the Budget: Fiscal Conservatism and Defense Spending During the Cold War
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Liat Weinstein
Mandated by Law: The Role of Detroit’s Citizens’ District Councils in Urban Redevelopment, 1968-2000
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Ziqian Zheng 
Reimagining the Communist World: China and the 1956 Polish-Hungarian Crises
(Advisor: Brian Porter-Szucs)


2021 Honors Theses

Katelyn Albrecht
Dissecting the Makhzen and Narrative Construction by the Moroccan Monarchy
(Advisor: Joshua Cole)

Basil Alsubee
From the Rebellion to the Naksa: Detroit’s “Third World” Coalition and the Politics of US Minority History-Telling
(Advisor: Hakem Al-Rustom)

Charlotte Abrams
Kicking up the Dust: How the Yom Kippur War Reshaped Israeli Nationalism
(Advisor: Juan Cole)

Mikayla Bird
Blessed are the Peacemakers:' Radical Pacifism in the 19780 Flower City Conspiracy
(Advisor: Stephen Berrey)

Isabella Buzynsky
Urban Spaces and Sacred Places: The Lived Religion of Polish Catholic Laity in Detroit, 1870-1939
(Advisor: John Carson)

Miranda Chambers
A Credulous Skeptic: Popular Medicine and Women's Medicine in Pliny the Elder's Natural Histories
(Advisor: Ian Moyer)

Haleigh Cotton
"She had cheated the father of his hopes:" Abortion and Contraception in Ancient Greece and Rome
(Advisor: Katherine French)

Alexander Gavulic
Legacy: The Immigration Act of 1924 and Those Who Opposed Its Passage
(Advisor: Ian Shin)

Chase Glasser
For King and Country: Fighting the War on Terror in an Alien Environment
(Advisor: Jonathan Marwil)

Gabriela Glueck
Chernobyl and the German Democratic Republic: How the Structure of East German Environmentalism Came to Inform the Peaceful Protests
(Advisor: Matthew Spooner)

James Hutchins
Russian Tour Revisited: The University of Michigan’s Cold War Musical Diplomacy
(Advisor: Kira Thurman)

Izzie Kenhard
Boys Club: The Culture of Misogyny and Violence within the Detroit Police Department in the Post-Uprising Era
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Nisreen Khokhar
Gender, Power, and Memory: The Legacy of Yemen’s Little Queen of Sheba
(Advisor: Kathryn Babayan)

Silas Lee
The Old Men of the Lakes: How Great Lakes Ships and Sailors Transformed the Frontier
(Advisor: Matthew Spooner)

Maria LoCicero
Tale of the Taylors: An Exploration of Race and Family in the Atlantic World (~1760-1815)
(Advisor: Matthew Spooner)

Jillian Luciow
The Cass Corridor: The Harbinger of Detroit's Garage Rock Renaissance
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Caroline Martin
The New Public Square: An Analysis of Historians' Activity on Twitter
(Advisor: Ian Shin)

Eliana Metni
Playing the Long Game — The Framework and Fortunes that Changed the Course of Campaign Finance Jurisprudence
(Advisor: Gregory Dowd)

Henry Newman
The Poor, The Profiteers, and the Precedent: The Rise of Slavery in 17th Century Virginia
(Advisor: Gregory Dowd)

Ananya Satyawadi
Kids Are Thugs: The Case of Youth Crime in Detroit During the War on Drugs
(Advisor: Heather Thompson)

Julia Silverman
Painlessness in Childbirth: The Rise and Fall of Twilight Sleep in the United States
(Advisor: Henry Cowles)

Connor Smith
Dialectics of the Future: Historical Narrative and Political Imagination in Greece from the Axis Occupation to the Civil War
(Advisor: Dario Gaggio)

Rohit Soman
The Stories They Tell Themselves: Legal Narratives in the Supreme Court and Floyd v. New York about Stop and Frisk and Policing
(Advisor: Emily Prifogle, Anthropology)

Sofia Spencer
Blood and Parchment: Magic and Writing in Early Modern England
(Advisor: Valerie Kivelson)

Eric Wroldsen
Mercury and Mars: American Merchant Sentiment in the Buildup to and During the War of 1812
(Advisor: David Hancock)

Isabel Zuniga
De un pájaro las dos alas: Conversations with Cubans in Puerto Rico on Cuban identity and their Collective Narrative
(Advisor: Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof

2020 Honors Theses

Mary Basso
A Perilous Pursuit, Securing Power through Gender in Early Modern France
(Advisor: Kit French)

Riley Branigan
"The Law is not the Same at Morning and at Night": Analyzing Sex Work and Gender at the University of Oxford from 1840-1880
(Advisor: Kali Israel)

Zachary Breinenger
Cardinal Mercier and Belgium’s Just War: The Catholic Just War Tradition in the First World War
(Advisor: Dario Gaggio)

Noa Eaton
Menstruation in Late Antiquity: Rabbinic Laws, Medical Theory, and Autonomy
(Advisor: Rafe Neis)

Thomas Flynn
We’re Going On A Holiday: An Intellectual History of Robert F. Williams (1959-1968)
(Advisor: Stephen Berrey)

Sam Franz
Computers (May Not) Be Machines: Arthur W. Burks and the Logic of Computers Group
(Advisor: John Carson)

Ryan Hermann
Religious Redemption in Michigan State Prison: The Evangelizing Mission of Chaplain Albert Merritt Ewert and His Work Toward Michigan’s Corrections Law of 1937
(Advisor: Susan Juster)

Samuel Kole
A History of a City, A History of a Man: An Analysis of the Life and Career of Carl Levin in Detroit
(Advisor: Deborah Dash Moore)

Sydney McKinstry
Acid and Scotch: The Northville State Psychiatric Hospital, 1952-2003
(Advisor: Henry Cowles)

Molly Norris
Prison by Another Name: Repression and Reform in the Cook County Jail
(Advisor: Heather Thompson)

Isabel Olson
Dramatizing the Stanford Prison Experiment
(Advisor: Matthew Lasiter)

Alexandra Paradowski
Commemorating Poland’s Monumental Past: Law and Justice’s Deployment of Polityka Historyczna through the Institute of National Remembrance
(Advisor: Brian Porter-Szucs)

Audrey Pierce
The Language of Love: Constructing Pederastic Identity in the Ancient World
(Advisor: Ian Moyer)

Jon Reid
A Break from Tradition: American Unrestricted Submarine Warfare in WWII
(Advisor: Jonathan Marwil)

Michael Russo
"A New Chapter of Engagement": Case Studies of United States Foreign Policy and Human Rights in Central America
(Advisor: Sueann Caulfield)

Jared Schacter
The City That Always Eats: The History of Fine Dining in New York City, 1980 until 2010
(Advisor: Ian Shin)

Liyuan (Amanda) Zhang
A Dissonant Unity: Voices of Reformism in the Algerian War of Independence
(Advisor: Joshua Cole)

2019 Honors Theses

Niccolo Beltramo
The Changing Face of Individual Rights and National Security, 1789-1815: The Myth of Common Meaning
(Advisor: Jonathan Marwil)

Sean Cantrell
"From the Dust of Ages": Identity and Ideology in the Historiography of Late Antiquity
(Advisor: Paolo Squatriti)

Will Carter
Siberian Reflections: The Discursive Destruction of the Russo-American Relationship
(Advisor: Ronald Suny)

Meghan Clark
Detoxifying the System: DDT, Citizen Action, and the Efficacy of Multi-Approach Activism
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Dominic Coschino
"Because They Cannot Aford the Ransom Price of Bail": The Struggle for Humane Conditions in the Wayne County Jail, Detroit, and the Limits of Legal Activism, 1967-1991
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Gladys Gonzalez
The Cutter Disaster: Polio, Panic, and Politics
(Advisor: Martin S. Pernick)

James Lowell III
The Forgotten Years: The Beginning of the Federal Reserve System
(Advisor: John Carson)

Ãine McGehee Marley
Slave Food to Southern Food: The Appropriation of West African Foodways into White Culture
(Advisor: Jason Young)

Annie O'Connell
The American Civil Crusade: Religious Abolitionists in Michigan
(Advisor: Matthew Spooner)

Alexander Raveane
"A Stew That Is Quite Indigestible": The Conflicting Perspectives of the US Embassy in Beirut and the State Department During the Chaotic Lebanese Civil War
(Advisor: Juan Cole)

Avraham (Avi) Sholkoff
"Is this Any Way for Nice Jewish Boys to Behave?" American Jewish Masculinity and the Jewish Defense League
(Advisor: Deborah Dash Moore)

Madeline Turner
"Between Iraq and a Hard Place": Jordan and the Consequences of American Exceptionalism (1990-2013)
(Advisor: Hakem Al-Rustom)

Alexander Votta
Sub-Federal Police and Immigration Enforcement: The Role of Federalism in the Development of Limited Cooperation Policies
(Advisor: Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof)

Gabrielle Xilas
Tuskegee in Two Narratives: Revisiting a Crucial Moment of Medical Racism
(Advisor: Alexandra Stern)

2018 Honors Theses

Thalia Chrysanthis
Infinitely More Important: The Reemergence of Ninth Amendment Precedent During the Long Sixties
(Advisor: Alexandra Minna Stern)

Jay Dutcher
From Pines to Peaches and Brown Trout: Transformation of the Pere Marquette River 1860-1980
(Advisor: Perrin Selcer)

Colleen Harrison
Girl Club: Barbara Mikulski, Female Senators, and Gendered Rhetoric in the Year of the Woman
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Joshua Hasler
Eugenics and the University: Reasserting C.C. Little into the History of Eugenics, Higher Education, and the University of Michigan
(Advisor: Alexandra Minna Stern)

Margaret Johnson
Under the Influence: Mexico’s Role in US International Drug Policy in Latin America 1969-1976
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Natalie Kozak
Forgetting Larry Itliong: A Glimpse into the Causes and Effects of Filipino-American Marginalization in the United Farm Workers
(Advisor: Maris Vinovskis)

Julia Kropa
Keeping the US Hand Well Hidden: The Role of the Church Committee in Rethinking US Covert Intervention in the 1970s
(Advisor: Victoria Langland)

Jared Kunkel
Dysfunctional Diaspora: Why Jewish Immigrant Dispersion from Galveston Failed
(Advisor: Deborah Dash Moore)

Kendall Lehmann
One Man’s Empire? Don Canham’s Tumultuous Relationship with Title IX
(Advisor: Mary C. Kelley)

Jacob Margolies
A Nation Born from the Ashes: The Contribution of European Antisemitism and the Holocaust to the Birth of Israel
(Advisor: Victor B. Lieberman)

Laura Marsh
Their Name Is on Your Waters: Appropriation of Indigenous Aesthetics in Mackinac Straits Tourism in the 20th Century
(Advisor: Gregory Dowd)

Noah McCarthy
Gerald Ford, Human Rights, and the American Presidency
(Advisor: Jonathan Marwil)

Melissa Neal
Gendered Spaces at the University of Michigan at the Dawn of Coeducation
(Advisor: Mary C. Kelley)

Keisuke Ozeki
American Citizens for Justice: Preserving the Legacy of Vincent Chin in Eighties Detroit
(Advisor: Heather Ann Thompson)

Cayla Palmer
Dr. Edward Bliss Foote and the Limits of Victorian Sex Radicalism
(Advisor: Martin S. Pernick)

Rohin K. Patel
Poverty of India—British Colonial “Drain” and Contemporary Economic Implications
(Advisor: Thomas R. Trautmann)

Reine Patterson
White Churches, Black Activism: The Detroit Presbytery from Civil Rights to Black Power
(Advisor: Stephen Ward)

Zaryff Razali
Confronting Hegemonies: How Masculinity and Socioeconomic Issues Framed Malay Feminist Strategies in Colonial Malaya 1931-1956
(Advisor: Victor B. Lieberman)

Levi Teitel
Helmar Lerski and the Illumination of Zionism
(Advisor: Anne Berg)

Youshi “Joshua” Zhang
Engineers and Rome: Tracing the Roman Element from Engineers in British India, 1793-1914
(Advisor: Amanda Armstrong)

2017 Honors Theses

Aaron L. Bernard
Anatomy of a Crisis: J. P. Morgan and the Panic of 1907
(Advisor: John Carson)

Alexandra Boscolo
“Throwaway Living”: A Study of American Perceptions of Disposability Surrounding Single-Use Products
(Advisor: Martin Pernick)

Keefer Denney-Turner
Law and (Dis)Order: A Legal Study of Late Colonial Uganda
(Advisor: Derek Peterson)

Jeane Emily Bleakley DuBose
Criminal Compulsions: The Medicalization of Crime in Progressive Era America
(Advisor: Martin Pernick)

Erin Elsa Dunne
Ann Arbor Hash Bash: The Vernacular of Protest and the Persistence of Memory
(Advisor: Joel Howell)

Ronald A. Everett
Neighbors Once Again? The Reintegration of Loyalists in New England
(Advisor: Maris Vinovskis)

Jane Fisher
La France aux Français: Nation, Citizenship, and the French Extreme Right
(Advisor: Joshua Cole)

Michael Gawlik
The Brothel on the Page: Print, Prostitution, and Blame in Antebellum America
(Advisor: Mary Kelley)

Andrew Grafton
On the Other Side of the War: Lewis Cass, American Indians, and the Development of Local Politics in the Great Lakes, 1805-1821
(Advisor: Michael Witgen)

Carl Helstrom IV
Father Coughlin, John A. Ryan, and Catholic Social Teaching
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Madison Horton
A Community’s Own Creation: Detroit and Its Institute of Arts
(Advisors: Deborah Dash Moore and Rebecca Zurier)

Mary Katherine Leary
And Motown Played On: An Analysis of Factors Affecting AIDS Mobilization in the Metropolitan Detroit Area
(Advisor: Kali Israel)

Amy McGregor
The White Working Class in the Age of Mass Incarceration: Wayne, Michigan 1965-1995
(Advisor: Heather Thompson)

Morgan Meyer
A Settler Colonial Framework Developed Through the Dawes Act and the Natives Land Act
(Advisor: Michael Witgen)

Dylan Nelson
Through Hell and High Sludge: Traditional Knowledge and Environmental Justice at the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation
(Advisor: Tiya Miles)

Jessie Ojeda
Frenemies Through the Ages: The Jurisprudential Impact of Scalia & Ginsburg on Contemporary Issues of Women’s Rights
(Advisor: Anthony Mora)

Katherine Pak
The Laundress and the Charwoman: A Study of Self-Employed Women Domestic Workers in London, 1700-1900
(Advisor: Katherine French)

Emilie Plesset
The “Ground Zero Mosque” and Its Consequences: The Rise of Anti-Muslim Feeling in the United States, 2001-2017
(Advisor: Jonathan Marwil)

Helena Ratté
Multiple Displacements: Bosnian Refugee Journeys to Germany and Back, 1992-2016
(Advisor: Pamela Ballinger)

Adam J. Stone
Gerald R. Ford and Vladivostok: A Study in Foreign Policy Formation
(Advisor: John Carson)

Emma Stout
Congés and Coureurs de Bois: The Art of Creating an Alliance in New France
(Advisor: Michael Witgen)

Samuel Waldron
Under Friendly Fire: The Political and Social Trials of Black Regiments in the American Civil War
(Advisor: Jonathan Wells)

2016 Honors Theses

Sarah Ming Bedoyan
The Story of a “Medical Bolshevik”: Dr. John Black Grant’s Alternative Approach to Promoting Health in Nationalist China Under Rockefeller Philanthropy
(Advisors: Miranda Brown and Martin Pernick)

Mollie L. Berkowitz
Coming to the Fore: Women’s Evolving Leadership and Activism in MOVE
(Advisor: Martha S. Jones)

Luke Berri
“The Harrying of the Heathen”: Ninth-Century Anglo-Saxon Views of the Vikings
(Advisor: Paolo Squatriti)

Jamie Bircoll
“The Shadow of that Memory which I Honor”: Politics and Identity in Henry Grady’s New South Vision
(Advisor: Stephen Berrey)

Jason Colella
A Needy City: Urban Transformation and Economic Development in Muskegon, Michigan — 1887-1920
(Advisor: Francis Blouin)

Henry Fishkin
“Our Grief is Not a Cry For War”
(Advisor: Kristin Hass)

Samuel Gordon
Disbelief and Uproar: Analyzing the Responses to the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Chapters of Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall
(Advisor: Clement Hawes)

David Hermanoff
Exile! An Investigation Into the Bisbee Deportation, Open Shop, and Right-To-Work in Arizona
(Advisor: Francis Blouin)

Trey Hines
The Role of Religion and the Army in Samorian State Construction and Resistance to European Colonialism
(Advisor: Joshua Cole)

Chiara D. Kalogjera-Sackellares
University of Michigan and World War I: A Study in the Development of the University’s Purposes and Identity
(Advisor: John Carson)

Greg Klein
The 1968 Fair Housing Act & Residential Segregation in Chicago, 1940-1980
(Advisor: Stephen Berrey)

Kara A. Mullison
Creating Change Through Spectacle: Art, Life, and Politics in 1960s Guerrilla Theatre
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Verushka Patel
Picturing Division: Visual Art and Partition Historiography, 1947-2012
(Advisor: Farina Mir)

Devon Pawloski
Stay at Home Nightmare: Military Wives in the Vietnam War
(Advisor: Michelle McClellan)

Gang Hao Poh
The March of Empires: Comparing the Frontier Policies of Augustus and Emperor Wu
(Advisors: David Potter and Christian de Pee)

Alec Ramsay-Smith
“A Tremor in the Middle of the Iceberg”: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Local Voting Rights Activism in Southwestern Mississippi, 1928-1964
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Michael Rieger
Reverse Course: The Secret Battle for the Japanese Economy
(Advisor: Leslie Pincus)

Arielle Schoenburg
Before the Coup: The Solidarity Movement in the U.S. with Salvador Allende’s Chile, 1971-1973
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Charles Sorge
Living Alone: Three Loyalist Women in Revolutionary America
(Advisor: Gregory Dowd)

Charli Spier
ARMINIUS: Transforming History into Legend in German Nationalistic Propaganda, 16th Century to Present Day
(Advisor: Ian Moyer)

Brie M. Starks
Slavery vs. Freedom: Black Subjugation and Exploitation in the 1850s and Their Implications on Infant Mortality
(Advisors: Martha S. Jones and Alexandra Stern)

Thomas Stephenson
Florida’s Wilderness Herds: A Chronicle of Cattle Ranching in the Sunshine State, 1890-1949
(Advisor: Perrin Selcer)

Jacquelyn Timoszyk
Competing Narratives of Victimization and Survival: Experiences of the Holocaust and the Allied Firebombing Campaigns
(Advisor: Anne Berg)

2015 Honors Theses


Ian Baker
“All In A Community Now?” South London During the Blitz, September-November 1940
(Advisor: Kali Israel)

William Cowell
“Influential Centres of Disaffection”: Indian Students in Edwardian London and the Empire that Shaped Them
(Advisor: Mrinalini Sinha)

Jack Fuller
“Philippine Independence”: American Colonial Policy and Legacy of the Reexamination Movement
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Mario Goetz
A Dream Derailed: Public Transit Policy in Southeast Michigan Late 1960s - Early 1980s
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Simone Gonzalez-Nagy
Occasions of Sin–The Creation and Violation of Subversive Gender Identity in Argentina’s National Reorganization Process
(Advisor: Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof)

Liye Hong
Struggles Among Socialists: The Vietnam Policy of the USSR and China from 1950 to 1975
(Advisor: Ronald Suny)

Christopher Hunt
Glimpses of Agrarian Socialism: Anglophone Portrayals of the Collectivization of Agriculture in the Soviet Union during the First Five-Year Plan and Beyond
(Advisor: Arsene Saparov)

Katheryn Johnson
No Poppies Grow–The Formation of a Group Identity and Fighting Myth of the 339th American Regiment in the Allied Expedition to Northern Russia, 1918-1919
(Advisor: Valerie Kivelson)

Jaclyn Kline
More Than Housework: Domestic Discourses of Motherhood and the Limits of Comparative Women’s History in the CMS Yoruba Mission, 1900-1920
(Advisor: Brandi Hughes)

Sara Ann Knutson
Bridges to Eternity: Women, Conversion, & Religion in Viking-Age Sweden
(Advisor: Katherine French)

Caroline Kowalski
Rules for Cross-Over Music: Motown’s Rise to Popularity in the Sixties
(Advisor: Matthew Countryman)

Sarah Leddon
Shimmying Hips, Shifting Diplomacy: Carmen Miranda and the Good Neighbor Policy, 1941-1945
(Advisor: Sueann Caulfield)

Mary Bridget Lee
Redefining Éireann: The Decline of Women’s Rights in the Era of Irish Nationalism 1916-1937
(Advisor: Brian Porter-Szücs)

Rachel Lerner
Butler's Battle: Wartime & the Nature of Compromise–An Analysis of British Educational Reform During World War II
(Advisor: Brian Porter-Szücs)

Stephanie Leitzel
May the Road Rise to Meet You: Early Medieval Monastic Settlement along Ireland’s Ancient Highways
(Advisor: Paolo Squatriti)

Gautham V.M.K. Madhira
The Rise of the City of Lions: How Singapore’s Government Transformed Singapore
into an Asian Tiger
(Advisor: Victor Lieberman)

James Nadel
Sefarad on Display: Spanish Representations of Sephardic Jews in the Post-Franco Era
(Advisor: Hussein Fancy)

Benjamin Newman
Die Mannschaft: the Shattered Mirror of a Nation—German Identities and the Commercial Representation of the National Football Team from Reunification to the Present
(Advisor: Dario Gaggio)

Dhananjaya Premawardena
“There are Many Brothers but Few Friends”: Damasus Dürr’s Response tothe Rise of Confessions in 16th Century Transylvania
(Advisor: Dena Goodman)

Rebekah Ross
“You Might as Well Laugh”: Jewish Humor and Identity in post-World War II American Fiction
(Advisor: Deborah Dash Moore)

Samuel Schotland
Making “Healthy” Height: A History of American Stature, 1885-1940
(Advisor: Martin Pernick)

Jean-Pierre Seguin
Teaching Revolution: Developing Autonomous Spaces Through Education in Chiapas, Mexico, 1994-2015
(Advisor: Victoria Langland)

Soumya Shastri
Creating an American Empire: A Diplomatic and Economic History of the Evolution of Iraqi-American Relations During WWII
(Advisor: Juan Cole)

Andrew Shin
Grant SimmonsLocating King’s College Budo: A Study of Politics and Relationships in Colonial Buganda
(Advisor: Derek Peterson)

Grant Simmons
Centerpiece to Empire–Understanding the New York Obelisk
(Advisor: Michelle McClellan)                                  

Leslie Teng
“Noble Knights, Bold, Proud, Valiant:” The Behavior of Romance Literature in Thomas Becket’s Defense of the Church
(Advisor: Katherine French)

Marisa Xheka
Memory in Albania: From the National Liberation War to the Collapse  of Communism
(Advisor: Erdem Çipa)


2014 Honors Theses

Adam Aaron
Victory for God: The Religious Implications of the Massacre of Jerusalem of 1099
(Advisor: Paolo Squatriti)

Abagael Adair
The American Press and the Allied Blockade
(Advisor: Jonathan Marwil)

Zachary Bergman
Stop the Neglect: Medical Care and African Americans after the Civil War
(Advisor: Martin Pernick)           

John Bohn
The Subject of History, The Body of History: Indeterminacy, Multiplicity, and Intersubjectivity in the Works of Voltairine de Cleyre
(Advisor: Deborah Dash Moore)

Nicholas Colaccino
Creation of Monopoly: The Influence of the Dutch East India Company in Tokugawa Foreign Policy
(Advisor: Hitomi Tonomura)

Grace Goudiss
Branded Man: Merle Haggard, Country Music, and the Politics of Traditionalism
(Advisor: Nadine Hubbs)

Margaret Grumeretz
Feminization of a Union: The Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Local 705 in the 1930s and 1940s
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Samuel Grusin
Heroes of the Frontier: The Cultural Memory and Impact of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
(Advisor: Michael Witgen)

Anna Gwiazdowski
Social Activism & Ecumenism: How Ministering to Welfare Needs Influenced Interdenominational Cooperation
(Advisor: Brian Porter-Szücs)

Emily Hogikyan
“The Hope of the Future Lies in their Instruction”: Health Education in the British Infant Welfare Movement, 1900-1914
(Advisor: Kali Israel)

Julia Jacovides
A House Divided: Partition in Cyprus and Ireland
(Advisor: Melanie Tanielian)

Brighid Klick
Straighten Up and Fly Right: The Dichotomy between British and American Women Auxiliary Pilots of World War II
(Advisor: Kali Israel)

Christopher Kline
The Promises We Keep: President Gerald R. Ford’s Leadership at the Helsinki Conference
(Advisor: Maris Vinovskis)

Bryan LaPointe
“A Quick and Feverish Circulation”: Southeast Michigan Newspaper Perceptions of Slavery, Emancipation, and Blacks during the American Civil War, 1860-1863
(Advisor: Maris Vinovskis)

Rosie Levine
“I am a Boxer”: The Boxer Rebellion as Projection, Reflection and Symbol in American Culture, 1898-1901
(Advisor: Jay Cook)

Baihan Li
Chen Duxiu and his Democratic Thoughts: a Search for Liberation
(Advisor: Fabio Lanza)

Chen Liu
An Analysis of the Development of Chinese Museums Under the Chinese Community Party: 1949-1966
(Advisor: Pär Cassel)

Nicholas Maue
In Their Hands: Analyzing the Relationship Between Student Co-Operative Housing and Student Social Movements at the University of Michigan, 1932-1941
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Caitlin Miller
"Fragrance Exhaled”: Olfactory Power in Late Antique Christian Syria
(Advisor: Paolo Squatriti)

David Penner
Can the Nazis be Funny? Can We Laugh at the Holocaust? Examining Comedic Representations of the Nazis and their Contexts from World War II to the Present
(Advisor: Anne Berg)

Emily Riippa
Place of Hope and Misery: Women’s Experiences in Michigan’s Copper Country, 1880-1930
(Advisor: Gabrielle Hecht)

Brianna Wilson
Perseverance in the Midst of Resistance: Building a Jewish Community Around Growing Anti-Semitism in Mexico, 1920s – 1940s
(Advisor: Lenny Ureña)

2013 Honors Theses

Katharine Allen
A Crowded Theater: A Study of 1920s Cinematic Representations of the French Revolutionary Crowd
(Advisor: Jay Cook)

Steven Bareis
Beneath the Fog of War: German Censorship of the 1918/19 Flu Pandemic
(Advisor: Kathleen Canning)

Hussein Bazzi, President Ford’s Policy on "the Crisis in Lebanon": A Non-Interventionist & Stabilizing Approach
(Advisor: Melanie Schulze Tanielian)

Katherine Bergen
The Queens of Good Taste: Patriots, Gentility, Femininity, and Fame  in Virginia Society, 1780-1835
(Advisor: Susan Juster)

Rory Cahill
From Civil War to Civil Rights: The Ideological Roots of Ireland’s Troubles, 1962-1973
(Advisor: Geoff Eley)

Katherine Cartwright
Undressing the English Gentleman through the Eyes of John Leech: Male Fashion in Punch Magazine, 1841-1864
(Advisor: Kali Israel)

Daniel Chardell
A Modern Education for an Anticolonial Generation: Third World Students in the Soviet Union
(Advisor: Penny Von Eschen)

Christine Convery
“Black, Proud, Beautiful, Relevant, Yours”:  The Student Voice in Detroit’s Education Debates, 1965-1972
(Advisor: Penny Von Eschen)

Joseph Duncker
A Cloud from the West: Greek Perceptions of Rome During the Macedonian Wars
(Advisor: Celia Schultz, Classics)

Mallory Edel
The Pink Juggernaut: The Origin and Trajectory of Cause-Related Marketing for Breast Cancer Activism in the United States
(Advisor: Martin Pernick)

Benjamin Estes
Victory for the Middle Class: College Football Controversy in the East and at the University of Michigan, 1890-1907
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Matthew Greenberg, “To Liberate, We Must Separate!” Remembering the Nation of Islam and the Legacy of Black Separatism
(Advisor: Angela Dillard, Residential College)

Saul Hankin
“Brothers and Sisters of Work and Need”: The Bundist Newspaper Unzer Tsayt and its Role in New York City, 1941-1944
(Advisor: Scott Spector)

Erwin Kim
Keepin’ It Real: From the Bronx to Cape Town, an Analysis of  Hip-Hop in South Africa
(Advisor: Kevin Gaines)

Anil Lakehal-Ayat
Sport and Government in Algeria
(Advisor: Joshua Cole)

Riley Linebaugh
The Practices of a Radical Archivist: Agnes Inglis, the Labadie Collection and Its Import
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Crista McClain
A Complex Community: The Italian Americans of Metropolitan Detroit
(Advisor: Dario Gaggio)

Abigail Meert
“And For What?”: Anti-War Sentiment in America, 1918-1941
(Advisor: Jonathan Marwil)

Daniel O’Donnell
Flags as Expressions of Political Identity in Weimar Germany
(Advisor: Kathleen Canning)

Dale Spicer
Americans in the Historiographical Landscape of Muslim Spain
(Advisor: Rudi Lindner)

Sam Spiegelman
“There is a Time for All Things–”: The Holocaust, the Sixties, and the Origins of the Jewish Defense League, 1945-1972
(Advisor: Deborah Dash Moore)

Mary Walle
The Blood Stops Here: Democratic Citizenship, Faith Communities, and the Question of Human Rights in Detroit’s Sanctuary Movement
(Advisor: Regina Morantz-Sanchez)

2012 Honors Theses

Bilal Baydoun
Understanding Hizbullah’s Ascendancy, 1978-2000
(Advisor: Victor Lieberman)

Aaron Bekemeyer
The Acme of the Catholic Left: Catholic Activists in the US Sanctuary Movement, 1982-1992
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

David A. Cassleman
“The Friendly Disposition”: American Relations with Toussaint Louverture and Revolutionary Saint-Domingue, 1798-1801
(Advisor: Julius Scott)

Belle Devlin Cheves
Breaking Chains of Oppression: The Voice of Ashraf Dehghani in 1970s Iran
(Advisor: Kathryn Babayan)

Sian Christina Olson Dowis
Youth Insurgents in the “Other America”: SDS, Community Organizing, and the Meaning of Success and Failure in Social Movements
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Shannon Elliott
The Reds Invade the Maize and Blue
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Matthew Lasser Green
“To Make a Friendship in Marriage”: Examining Jewish Marriage in Colonial New York City Through the Letters of Abigaill Levy Franks
(Advisors: Susan Juster and Gina Morantz-Sanchez)

James Henry Hammond
Evangelization, Injections, and the Baganda: Mengo Hospital and Biomedicine to Colonial Uganda
(Advisor: Nancy Hunt)

Emma Claire Lawton
No Nature so Wild: The Ursuline Nuns and Female Community in Native Conversion to Christianity, 1639-1655
(Advisor: Michael Witgen)

Gabriel Moss
All the King's Men: Second-Tier Politicians in the Fall of the Roman Republic
(Advisor: Ray Van Dam)

Jessica May Oyler
How to Build a Nation: The American Domestic Advice Genre, 1820-1870
(Advisor: Mary Kelley)

Ethan Sachs
A State and Its Prison: The Attica Riot of 1971 and Untold Stories Since
(Advisor: Matthew Countryman)

A. Brad Schwartz
The War of the Worlds Letters: Orson Welles, Fake News, and American Democracy in the Golden Age of Radio
(Advisor: John Carson)

Paul Wilson
“The Vision Thing”: George H. W. Bush and the Battle for American Conservatism
(Advisor: Maris Vinovskis)

2011 Honors Theses

Laura Chanoux
From the City to the Suburbs: School Integration and Reactions to Boston’s METCO Program
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Shirley Chen
“To work, write, sing and fight for women’s liberation”: Proto-Feminist Currents in the American Left, 1946-1961
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Adam Deutsch
Policy By Other Means: The United States Military and the Aftermath of the Vietnam War
(Advisor: David Smith)

Richard Durance
“The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me”: The Development of Liberation Theologies in North America
(Advisor Daniel Ramírez)

Alanna Farber
From Street Schooling to Free-Basing:At-Risk Youth Culture in Detroit, 1967-1989
(Advisor: Matthew Lassiter)

Michael E. Franczak
Multilateralism with an American Face: The United States, Great Britain, and the Formation of the Postwar Economic Order, 1941-1947
(Advisor: Ron Suny)

Nicholas Gable
Remembering Constantine’s Conversion
(Advisor: Paolo Squatriti)

Rachel Hatcliffe
Selling Birth Control: Lanteen Laboratories and the Conflict over Contraceptive Authority in the 1930s
(Advisor: Martin Pernick)

Caleb Heyman
Mobile Homes: Cooperative Housing and Jewish Neighborhoods in the Bronx, 1920-1950
(Advisor: Deborah Dash Moore)

Hajin Jun
Hosanna, Mansei, or Banzai?: Missionary Narratives and the 1919 March First Movement
(Advisor: Deirdre de la Cruz)

Michael Kolton
Broken American Heart: A History of Liberalism, Marxism, and the Rise of the Weathermen in Students for a Democratic Society
(Advisor: Matthew Countryman)

Elaine LaFay
Public Health and Civic Identity during the 1888 Yellow Fever Epidemic in Jacksonville, Florida
(Advisor: Martin Pernick)

Courtney Marchuk
“The Frenchman’s Day is Over”: A Comparative Analysis of French Michigan and French Louisiana: Why One French Society Survived and the Other Disappeared
(Advisor: Ramona Uritescu-Lombard)

Zachary Martin
Subduing the Slaveholders’ Rebellion: Republican Politics in Michigan and Ohio and the Coming of Emancipation
(Advisor: Pamela Brandwein)

Wasim Nasir
The American Medical Association’s Response to Title XVIII (Medicare) and Title XIX (Medicaid) of the Social Security Act on July 30th, 1965
(Advisor: Michelle McClellan)

Arthur Ng
Informal Representation: Participating in Politics through Sociopolitical Movements in 1960s and 1970s Hong Kong
(Advisor: Pär Cassel)

Lauren Rivard
“Fighting Back”: Violence and Self-Defense in Radical Second-Wave Feminism
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Emily Rose Schiller
“To Give Medicine Back to the People”: Community Health Activism of The Black Panther Party
(Advisor: Regina Morantz-Sanchez)

Amanda Seyerle
Scottish Smallpox: Enlightenment Medicine and the Fight Against Smallpox in Scotland, 1750-1850
(Advisors: Joel Howell and Michael MacDonald)

Adam Stefanick
Personality and Power in the Ford Motor Company Hierarchy: The Story of Harry Bennett, 1916-1945
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Gabriel C. Surprise
Interpreting Augustus’ Reforms: The Search for Economic Growth in the Roman Empire
(Advisor: Arthur Verhoogt)

Christopher H. Yee
White Sun Over Chinatown: Pro-Kuomintang Support in New York City, 1927-1957
(Advisor: Scott Kurashige)

2010 Honors Theses

Andrew R. Balabuch
“To Run and Play”: Resistance and Community at the Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial School, 1892-1933
(Advisor: Tiya Miles)

Joel Berger
“We’ve Gotta Be Together to Do This”: The Unemployed Councils in Depression Detroit
(Advisor: Scott Kurashige)

Avi Bhuiyan
Books, As Well As Bullets: The Story of the USIS Library Program
(Advisor: Penny Von Eschen)

David L. Boyle
The Polish Resettlement Act: Immigration, Assimilation, and Politics in Postwar Britain
(Advisor: Ron Suny)

Harun Buljina
Belated Nation: Yugoslav Communists and the “Muslim Question” 1919-1971
(Advisor: John Fine)

Ginger Cline
Overcrowded, Outdated and Otherwise Reliable: Why Dakar Still Needs the Car Rapide
(Advisor: Rudolph T. Ware)

Sarah Domin
Accidental Destinations: The Story of the Senegalese Immigrant Community in Detroit, Michigan
(Advisor:: Rudolph T. Ware)

Kelly Goodman
From Integration to Equal Funding to School Choice: The Politics of Rolling Back Government’s Role in Michigan Schools
(Advisor: Matt Lassiter)

Marie L. Greenman
The Jugendweihe: Politicized Rite of Passage and Cultural Celebration of the German Democratic Republic
(Advisors: Rita Chin and Kerstin Barndt)

Erin Lange
“Who Can Define the Meaning of Un-American?”: The Story of Ed Yellin and the Era of Anti-Communism
(Advisor: Howard Brick)

Liliana LaValle
After Alfonsín: The Presidency and Memory of the Man Who Became a Symbol for Argentine Democracy
(Advisor: Paulina Alberto)

Alexandra Legutko
Newsworthy Kids: Newspaper Reports of Head Start, 1965-1967
(Advisor: Maris A. Vinovskis)

Max Meyers
Bordering on Rebellion: The Challenges of Missouri’s Unionists
(Advisor: J. Mills Thornton III)

Matthew Miller
Force Majeure: The Medieval Warm Period in England and Wales c. 900-1300
(Advisor: Paolo Squatriti)

Bradon J. Smith
Beyond Politics?: The Political Development of Presidential Signing Statements in Historical Context
(Advisor: Pamela Brandwein)

Michael Spitulnik
Sports: Unifier or Divider? A Study of the Response of the White and Black Media to the Integration of African-American Athletes into Mainstream Sports from 1936 to 1968
(Advisor: Penny Von Eschen)

Sara Sterkenburg
The Sole of Italy: Assessing the Evolution of “La Questione Meridionale” in the Post-Risorgimento Mezzogiorno
(Advisor: Dario Gaggio)

Joshua W. Strazanac
“Romney’s Republicanism: Searching for “Voluntary Cooperation” in the Civil Rights Era
(Advisor: Matt Lassiter)

Brian Tengel
“Good Jimmy, Bad Jimmy”: Jimmy Carter and the Press, 1980-2010
(Advisor: Jonathan Marwil)

Suzana Vuljevic
Becoming Albanian: Poetic Expressions of Nation, 1878-1912
(Advisor: John Fine)