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Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation (CRHF) was founded in 1997 by Gail Nystrom.  The goal of CRHF is to improve the lives of Costa Rican’s through programs to provide food,healthcare, health education, education, job training and work.  CG3 has interacted with this organization since the beginning of 2020; subdividing to several smaller teams to tackle an array of projects.  Such projects included research on NGO presentations and subsequent feedback to CRHF on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their own presentations.  

Another project involved a portion of CG3 searching for and identifying possible grants for the CRHF to apply for.  Finally, our tasks included fundraising towards direct help for the operations of the CRHF as well as funding towards the publishing of a CRHF book.  In totality CG3’s experience was informative in the many elements required to maintain a successful NGO including sources of funding and updated presentations.  Beyond the educational benefit experienced by the members of CG3 this partnership benefited the CRHF which received aid on projects that take work hours not easily found in the intense schedule of these hard working humanitarians.