In the November 19, 2018 HBR article Dr. Page writes

"Though single models can perform well, ensembles of models work even better. That is why the best thinkers, the most accurate predictors, and the most effective design teams use ensembles of models. They are what I call, many-model thinkers.

In this article, I explain why many models are better than one and also describe three rules for how to construct your own powerful ensemble of models: spread attention broadly, boost predictions, and seek conflict."

You can click HERE or below to go to the full HBR article.

The ideas in the article are explored and explained fully in Dr. Page's new book The Model Thinker .  The book goes on sale to the public on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. 

You can get a 'free copy' of the book on the actual release date as Scott has generously donated 50 copies to go to people that donate $100 or more to the newly established Rick Riolo Memorial Fund (RRMF). 

The fund will be publicly announced at a special seminar given by Dr. Page on the same day - in West Hall at 11:30 am.  Carl Simon will announce the fund, followed by the talk by Dr. Page, and a light reception will follow the talk.  If you donate after the talk, on your mobile or on the available laptop - you will receive a signed copy of Scott's book.

The book giveaway will continue on-line during the hours of 1:00pm-2:00pm on the special Complex Systems webpage that is devoted to the Rick Riolo Memorial Fund.