Is a Complex Systems minor for you?  It very well may be. Do you want to stand out from other job applicants?  Do you want to learn tools that will help you analyze the complex problems and challenges you will be faced with in the work force.  Do you want to expand your skill set and offer new and creative solutions to technical issues?  Do you want to strengthen your hard skills and expand your creative problem solving abilities?  Read on to see how CSCS Minor alumni have benefitted from their participation with the Center for the Study of Complex Systems.

Daniel Kaiser, Complex Systems Minor Recipient, Class of 2019

I declared a Complex Systems minor as a sophomore to compliment my major in Mathematics. I wanted to supplement my pure methodological work with applications and interdisciplinarity. I enjoyed the material so much I switched my career plans to continue my study of complex systems.

The courses offered in Complex Systems challenged my previous perceptions and skill sets learned in a wide variety of areas, including ecology, dynamics, sociology, and philosophy of science. By far the most useful skills I learned in undergrad came from my work in CSCS. I learned how to effectively work with people from different backgrounds than I and use our differences as an advantage instead of a hindrance (collective intelligence!). I learned concepts and methodologies, such as network science and agent-based modeling, that have informed research on interdisciplinary projects I have been involved in as diverse as ecology, political science, mathematics, and American history. From basic scientific and computational skills to researching and writing original published research - taking the Complex Systems minor has radically improved my collegiate education.

I am now pursuing a Ph.D. in Complex Networks and Systems from Indiana University. My prior work at CSCS has prefaced my work nicely and allowed me to competently jump immediately into my research. The connections I made with the well-known Complex Systems faculty at UM has helped get me started working with people on projects I’m interested in and good at. I expect my background in CSCS will only continue to benefit my career.